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British web set (2014-09-15)
Very nice web set. Good quality and fast shipping. Have and will continue to purchase items .

klem - US
webbing (2014-06-26)
All components are in good condition, and some parts of it are even originals !

Couture-Hebert - CA
webbing (2013-03-07)
had to reorder as initial set were too small. I returned the initial set and the lge was sent to me without freight charges. very profeessional and well done

leck - AU
UK P-37 Skeleton Web Set (2012-08-16)
Very fast shipping, received in 3 business days and very nice fit and quality thank you WPG

Cifuentes - US
UK P-37 Skeleton Web Set (2012-06-11)
Excellent set, all fits together well, webbing is in great condition. Except there is no canteen. In future, pls add in the canteen. Thanks alot.

Peter - SG
Thanks! (2011-06-10)
Everything arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. A great value and perfect service. I ordered this for my son's birthday and it arrived in plenty of time!

Daley - US
Webbing Set (2011-04-03)
Great stuff, but you should all know that by now ;) ligthning fast shipping and very reasonable prices.

Tom - BE
UK P-37 skeleton web set (2011-02-04)
Fits great!

Hansen - US
Fantastic! (2010-12-04)
This is a great starter set for anyone getting into WWII re-enacting.

Harrison - CA
Webbing (2010-10-31)
Very nice webbing.

Pedersen - NO
UK P-37 Skeleton Web Set (2010-10-16)
A very reasonable price for all the items you get. Everything was very clean and functional! Good fit and recommend to all!!

DiMaio - US
uk p.37 skeleton web set (2010-10-14)
Excellent quality, very robust, looks like new ! great purchase. I highly recomend it.Fast delivery also.
Thanks !

Web Set (2010-09-28)
I was vary happy with this web set.I will order again from you.

Oliver - US
UK P-37 Skeleton Web Set (2010-09-23)
Very nice gear! Being able to get this to such a great price is commendable.
Very quickly and easily dispatched, and submit!
Incredibly satisfied customer!

Roenning - NO
Excellent (2010-08-07)
Just need to blanco them to get them all matching

Dodkins - US
UK P-37 Skeleton Web Set (2010-08-04)
webbing is in great condition but my braces were mismatched

Glynn - US
UK P-37 Skeleton Web Set (Package) (2010-03-31)
All fits together well and is in pristine condition considering the items are over 60 years old!

Henley - AU
Ged (2010-02-13)
as usual extremely fast delivery and perfect items no reason to fault service

Miley - GB
$65 (2010-01-26)
Very pleased. Just the thing for doing the QOR.

Gavel - CANADA
Great. (2009-12-25)
Very fast Delivery. Great Webbing.

Burton - US
Delighted!! (2009-12-16)
Arrived in less than a week, in perfect condition, couldnt be happier with the webbing, great value also, recommend to anyone.

Geoghegan - IE
skeleton set (2009-12-13)
Items in good condition arrived quickly!

Epstein - US
UK P-37 Skeleton Web Set (Package) (2009-11-16)
The set is very nice! You get a nice basic set for a rather affordable price, and the shipping and handling is quick! Just make sure you order some extra bottle corks, because the one you get with the bottle is in used condition, which means a little rusty.

De Clercq - BE
Outstanding again (2009-10-08)
Web set is perfect. The only problem is the felt cover on my water bottle is chewed away on the edge and the stitching is coming undone. Looks like a mouse may have eaten the material. Other than that all is perfect.

Randall - US
Web gear (2009-09-25)
affordable price, very fast shipping,excellent quality.

Crawford - US
skeleton wb set (2009-06-30)
It´s GREAT!! with this item I almost complete my uniform, and the time to recibe it's Cool

UK P-37 Skeleton Web Set (Package) (2009-06-23)
Excellent item, well done and well packed. Nice grouping and, besides that, a quick shipping. Recommended!!!

Triffoni - BR
UK P-37 Skeleton Web Set (2009-05-06)
Superbe quality very fast deliver (5 days) to france

Bernaud - FR
webbing set (2009-04-04)
AMAZING! I paid and made the order Tuesday and recieved the package in Denmark Friday, three days later. I'm impressed. And the quality is in top.

Freisleben - DENMARK
UK P-37 Skeleton Web Set (2009-03-26)
I received my order in few days. The service has been fast and efficient. The quality of all items are magnific. WPG is perfect. I am going to prepare a new order.

Planells - SPAIN
Alberto (Spain) (2008-09-22)
Equipamiento suficiente para empezar .
Muy bien What Price Glory , muy serios , muy rápidos y muy preocupados por estado del envío.

DE - Spain
Web set (2008-02-11)
I ordered a web set on a monday afternoon and recieved it friday morning. I was more then impressed with the quality of the products. Great service I would recomend WPG to anyone

Conrad - Richmond, KY
Excellent (2007-12-21)
Bonjour, I just received my web set today. Very nice set! Thanks for the spare cork. The delivery was fast as the lightning. It is a pleasure to make international business with you. Cordialement.

Yannick GICQUEL - France
Great deal (2007-11-07)
A nice rig at an affordable price. At a local Army/Navy store they were selling mint WWII-dated sets with only belt, braces, and pouches for 80$. This set includes those items plus a waterbottle for 30$ less and the pieces themselves are in similar condition. Granted since the set is ammembled from an assortment of pieces is not all matching in color, but it still does the job and looks great.

Joseph - Connecticut
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