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Strapping strap (2024-05-06)
Good quality leather. Strong buckle. will last 'forever'

Griffiths - CH
Have ordered several items. Always prompt delivery. Great Service!!! (2023-07-04)
Great Service!!
Great merchandise!!!

tyler - US
Super fast delivery, great item!! (2023-07-01)
Amazing quality - much appreciated!

Wolder - US
Great quality, especially for the price (2023-03-24)
Well made leather strap and untouchable in the market at that price point.

Jones - US
Great product (2023-02-02)
Suple leather and easy to install!

Cotton  - US
Good Buy (2022-11-19)
Fast shipping and good tracking. Package arrived in good condition, and strap was excellent.
Installed the strap on my Hungarian dispatch bag (replaced the crappy web strap), and now this is my favorite bag. Very easy to adjust.
Strap is good quality leather and very well finished.

Beever - CA
Awesome quality (2022-08-09)
Great bag strap. Super high quality leather. Just as described. Perfect fit for my Indy bag. Fast prompt courteous service, a pleasure doing business with. Highly recommend this seller for all of your Indy gear. Thank you WPG :)

Jon - US
Best quality leather bag straps. (2022-06-26)
Ordered the Indiana jones leather bag strap. The leather is the finest I've seen to leather straps. The quality of the leather is so good this is the 4th leather strap I have purchased from WPG. I have three other bags that have these straps to which makes them look fantastic. One can't go wrong with ordering these leather bag straps. I am very happy and pleased with this product.

Daguio - US
Excellent Leather (2021-11-10)
Superb real leather craftsmanship.

Wortham - US
If you want a screen accurate bag strap... (2021-04-03)
If you want a screen accurate bag strap... the WPG strap is good to match darker scenes in the movie. Unfortunately, there's groves in the belt, and Jones belt did not have groves. If you're not looking for dead-accurate strap, WPGs belt is perfectly nice. Leather's pretty good too.

Zielinski - US
awesome (2021-03-29)
awesome quality!!!

lagos - CL
Heavy Duty Strap (2021-02-23)
I bought the Indiana Jones bag and it is great. I use it every day. As I have other bags I needed another strap. These do the job. Just make sure you tighten the Chicago screw tight!

Kasley - US
Fits more than just a Mk VII (2020-11-25)
I have this strap on WPG's replica Mk VII gas mask bag, but I also have one for my army issue map case; it's a great fit for that also as the original cloth strap is much too short for a tall person like me.

Very well made, solid, durable.

John - United States
Perfectly decent Indy bag strap and buckle (2020-07-13)
Pretty straight forward: this leather strap and buckle work perfectly fine for a Raiders style gas mask bag strap. I'm happy with this strap and the price.

Bowes - US
amazing leather indiana jones strap! (2020-05-24)
Thank you so much! I notice the more liight thna you haved and you sell it to me! Great leather and beautifull!
Fast shipping too!

Thanks a lot!

callier - FR
Top quality (2020-04-12)
The WPG British windproof trousers are dead on, the fit is good

Daly - US
Strong leather (2019-04-25)
It is a strong thick leather strap suitable to hold you on to a tank if you're not careful. I was looking to replace my cheap leather strap on my gas mask bag that I had and this for the price covers the cost of the leather strip that I would need to buy, and this also includes the hardware so I definitely say that this is a good price for a good product.

Johnson - US
Great piece of gear (2019-02-23)
Bought two. One for my mkVII bag and one as a rifle slung. Looks top quality.

Madge - CA
Leather Strap (2019-01-16)
Very nice quality leather strap! It feels like it came pre-treated with oil and very flexible. I soaked it in warm, soapy water for 30 minutes to break it in a little more and it's incredible!

Scott T. - New England
Great New Version (2018-09-15)
The new improved version of this strap is top notch in terms of quality. Amazingly fast delivery as well. Thank you!

Keung - CA
Leather Strap for Indiana Jones MK VII Bag (2018-07-25)
Ordered this to go with the authentic MK VII Bag and it is awesome! The material and craftsmanship are top notch! I took me a while to figure out how to attach it to the bag, instructions ould have been great, but simply Google "how to attach a leather strap to an Indiana Jones bag" and you will find videos that explain it on Youtube. Won't mention the one I used as they are a competitor but you will find it. Shipping blew my mind! I ordered this, a belt, a MKVII bag, and holster on a Thursday and they all arrived, from the UAE, on the following Monday! Communication from WPG was excellent as well. I won't hesitate to order from WPG in the future.

Great service and product (2017-09-02)
The delivery was in 2 business days, and the strap was exactly as advertised. Will definitely buy from again... in fact, I have already placed another order!

Campbell - US
Very fast delivery (2017-08-30)
Couldn't beat the price and quality.

Adam - CA
Nice product, speedy delivery (2017-02-28)
Nice product, speedy delivery

Strupp - US
Great (2017-02-18)
Great service and product. Pairs perfectly with Indy bag!

Will - CA
Very Good (2016-11-12)
Fast deliver, Good Price
Many Thanks

Satchel Strap (2016-07-27)
I got the Satchel and I was going to cheap out and do something basic for the strap. When I saw how nice the satchel looked i decided that I need to get the strap too. I was not disappointed!

Mark - Yukon, Canada
Imagine a comfortable MKVII Belt. (2016-02-16)
First day I used this was during a day trip to Boston. I filled my bag with a lot of stuff that weighed the bag down... but could you imagine that this strap is so buttery soft that I forgot I was wearing it?

It's the only belt I've ever used that didn't cut into my shoulder.

Oh, yea... and it's exactly what the leather strap should look like for Dr. Jones.

I've bought a few items from WPG, and I haven't been disappointed yet!

Renderking - New Hampshire, USA
happy with order (2015-12-31)
very happy with everything

Thomas - US
strap (2015-12-30)
good deal fast and easy

Thomas - US
Good strap! (2015-08-20)
Solid, well made strap, bridle quality leather and fittings. Fast shipping and communication, as always, from WPG!

Manchester - US
Leather Strap for Indiana Jones Bag Mk VII Bag (2015-04-01)
Instructions to install would have been nice. It took me a while to figure out how to install properly. Once installed it is adjustable and looks great!

Brown - CA
Dr. Jones Jr. Gas mask bag leather strap (2014-10-04)
After picking up an authentic Indiana Jones hat at a thrift store for a steal, I''ve been putting together a costume. The strap had to be perfect, and this one is. Great looking dark leather and exact buckle. Only problem is the first few threads on the screw were stripped. Not a big deal. I just cranked it down with a screwdriver. And SUPER FAST shipping.

Jason - California USA
Morris, US (2014-01-06)
Extremely fast shipping. Strap looks great.

Morris - US
MK VII Reproduction Leather Strap (2013-12-22)
Everything as it should be, as always. The item is absolutely ideal and arrived promptly.

Ruffell - GB
Indy bag strap (2013-09-08)
Excellent service dispite usind DHL. Was exactly what I expected both in quality and finish. Pleasure to work with.

Hinton - US
leather strap (2013-06-18)
Suprisingly good. love the buckle. Lenght is long but neccesary to achieve its desired look. overall a fantastic product eventhough its only a strap. I even got my friend excited over it. only problem is the courier service charges..very high. good product. tq

Hamid Abdullah - MY
Leather Strap (2012-03-14)
Nice strap and great service!

Goldsmith - US
Nice Strap (2012-02-26)
Nice thick leather. Very quick shipping.

Rider - US
Perfect for the Mark VII bag (2011-11-14)
Good strap, unfinished on the inside but should last a while. The price is right.

Carlos - Mexico
Decent (2011-10-24)
If you need a strap that looks the part, this will work for you at a great price. It's not screen accurate for any of the movies (and I'm pretty sure it's even real leather), but it looks great on my kid's bag. Shipping was fast.

Oildale Jones - California, USA
mkVII leather strap (2011-09-07)
buen precio, buena calidad..

ramirez - ES
Perfect (2011-09-01)
Bag is excellent! Shipping was fast. Thank you a lot.

Dimopoulos - GR
Top quality, real leather strap (2011-07-05)
I used such a bag in my teens in the early '70s. Also being an Indiana Jones movie fan I thought it would be OK to use the WPG leather strap on one of my gas mask bags which has a very worn original strap. I was careful not to do any further harm to the original strap, which is safely in one of the smaller compartments. Now this combo serves rather nicely as an iPad2 carry bag.

Cobber55 - Australia
Leather Strap (2011-04-08)
Strap looks and works great. Prompt shipping. Easy to use. Very happy. Not using with Indy bag, but is perfect for my paratrooper bag.

Beard - US
Nice strap (2011-03-10)
Perfect sizing , nice color and perfect price.
Thanks WPG

Excellent (2011-01-27)
Yes my friends, yet another rare and historically significant artifact has gone under the knife, desecrated in the name of movie fantasy, hero worship and good fashion. I will be thoroughly enjoying my MkVII bag in its new state for years to come now, this strap is sure to put on some heavy mileage.

McNamara - US
Good reproduction, bad material (2011-01-18)
Although I didn''t want to give you a bad review, since I love the store and loved my MK VII bag, think I though I should be honest.
The reproduction is very much on spot, but the material (at least the one I got) is poor. It is not leather, that''s for sure. Its a synthetic material that pretty much disitegrates on the back side.
I know, for 12 dollars, it''s a fair price.
I just think they should make it clear that it isn''t made of real leather.

Mauricio - Sao Paulo - Brazil
Fast shipping, great quality (2010-12-19)
Years ago I bought a MK VII bag via eBay. The strap on that was terrible and wasted away soon enough. I replaced it with this strap and couldn't be happier. A quality replacement at a good price and fast shipping. Couldn't be better.

Rick, Australia - AU
Yes, it's real leather (2010-09-12)
Perfectly convincing simulacrum of the original. No need to remove the Mark VII web strap -- simply tuck the web strap inside the bag and loop the leather strap through the rings -- there's plenty of room. This preserves the integrity of the original Mark VII bag for posterity. See the instructions on the web-site for the proper way to attach the strap. Fully adjustable. Buckle is a very faithful copy. Completely satisfactory for the most discriminating admirer of the foremost fictional archaeologist/adventurer.

Juge - US
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