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Good product (2022-04-13)
I received the 1941 shelter half and repro USMC depot bayonet scabbard. They are both very well made. The only complaint I have about the scabbard is, the leather tip is sewn on about 1/2 an inch too far down. There is a gap between the insert, and the end. Compared to my original, the insert should fill the whole leather tip. I'm not sure if this can be fixed though. Otherwise, I'm happy with the overall construction.

Gray - US
Another great item (2022-04-01)
What can I say??? Great item, blazing fast shipping, and my bayonets latch flawlessly. The canvas is more of a mustard color that matches WPG’s other USMC gear.

Chapman - US
Super (2019-07-18)
Excellent quality item. Perfect for my impression

Büki - BE
Fantastic (2019-05-20)
Very happy with the item. Delivery to Australia within a week, excellent.

Harper - AU
Fast shipping, suprised how fast (2018-11-28)
product was more than I expected, always surprised at the quality of tthese items

Stewart - US
Fast delivery (2018-11-02)
Seems to be what i needed Bayonet is a little more loose than the original

StansburyB - US
Nice Item (2018-08-10)
Nice scabbard fast delivery, thanks!.

Jim L - US
Perfect (2018-06-03)
Fast delivery and excellent item. Thank U

herbette - FR
Really Surprised (2016-04-23)
A lot of repro items claim to be an exact copy and seldom ever are. This one is an exception. It is a faithful copy of the USMC scabbard. The belt hook could be a bit better but that is inconsequential compared to how good overall the scabbard really is. And it was delivered in only three days! Hats off to the guys who made this and their shipping department !

Bert - USA
USMC Scabbard for M1905 Bayonet (2014-04-14)
Very well made although the canvas cover slipped off but can be glued back on. Fast shipping. Thank You.

McCue - US
Great! (2014-03-25)
A superb recreation of the USMC-brand bayonet scabbard. Truly outstanding. My bayonet fit perfectly!

Burduck - US
na (2014-01-28)
Good quality repo.

moody - US
USMC scabbard (2013-01-09)
Excellent item. Very satisfied. Thanks

USMC Scabbard for M1905 Bayonet (2012-05-03)
I wanted to do an earlier (Guadalcanal)impression. I have an M41 Haversack, Suspenders, and Knapsack. The color of this bayonet scabbard is a little darker than the pack, but it is a repro pack. I think that this color of scabbard would match an M1928 or M1910 haversack better. The scabbard does, however, fit my bayonet exactly. The wire hooks are just the right spacing. I didn't have to bend them at all!

Speer - US
USMC scabbard for M1905 bayonet. (2011-12-12)
Very nice made fits well on the bayonet !

van Mil - NL
USMC Bayonet Scabbard (2011-11-23)
I was actually very happy with the quality of this scabbard. The complete construction is just as the original M1910 scabbards and the USMC cover is also right on the mark. This is a much better option than the reproduction M3 scabbards that are just injection molded plastic and don't have the imbedded fabric or parkerized metal components. It also fits my 1942 16" bayonet perfect.

Bean - US
Outstanding product. (2011-02-15)
Fits my bayonet perfect and is already attached to the M41 pack. Great quality!!!

Shelton - US
USMC Scabbard for M1905 Bayonet (2011-01-25)
Very nice item. Stitching pattern, drain grommet, etc. Fast shipping w/easy to use online tracking. Not the first or last time I do business with WPG.

Harrington - US
usmc scabbard (2010-07-09)
Simply excellent piece of kit
best regards

casariego - ES
USMC Sabard for the 1905 Bayonet (2010-06-15)
What can I say, another excellent item!
Cannot praise this company enough!!+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Jones - GB
USMC scabbard for 1905 bayonet (2010-05-22)
This is the second one I've bought, these are really excellent items!!!!!

Jones - GB
USMC Scabbard for M1905 Bayonet (2010-05-04)
Very pleased! Great item and great service.

Neary - US
reenactor (2010-04-14)
vary nice

Henson - US
USMC Scabbard (2010-04-11)
Simply wonderful. A fantastic replica down to the unique DQP green thread. EXC overseas service as well. Thank you!

Jeff - Arizona
M1910 Scabbard (2010-03-02)
Fantastic; I am quite pleased with this model.
I will use WPG again.

Burns - US
USMC Scabbard for M1905 Bayonet (2010-02-25)
excellent piece of kit, wonderful reproduction. very fast delivery & A1 service as always.

Hardy - GB
USMC Scabard,M1905 (2009-11-11)
Absolutly amazing delivery time ( three days to the UK!),very pleased with item,WILL buy from WPG again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jones - GB
good! (2009-07-14)
It is very faithful to the real thing. Thank you for a wonderful thing.

Shimizu - JP
Could have been 5+, if only... (2009-06-27)
Received yesterday. FAST SHIPPING! Very nice overall reproduction scabbard. However, the steel wire used for the hanging hook would be much more accurate had it been crafted from a heavier gauge and strength steel. It has kind of a flimsy touch and feel. But it's okay; I'll keep it.
Thanks for your products and efforts.

Beekley - US
USMC M1905 Scabbard (2009-06-05)
As always the quality and accuracy of Jerry's Reproductions is top notch.

Matthews - US
USMC Scabbard for M1905 Bayonet (2009-04-08)
I have received above mentioned item.
I'm very satisfaid now.
Thank you for your efforts.

Karcher - DE
usmc scabbard for m1905 bayonet (2009-02-08)
Liked the products, thanks.

Biesiada - US
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