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FAQ (General)

Q: If the stock showing your website is real?

A: Everything we have available for sale is listed on the web pages, which are updated frequently. YES, WE REALLY HAVE THIS STUFF; THAT'S WHY IT IS ON OUR LIST. WE DON'T SELL FANTASIES OR FUTURES

Q: What is a Backorder?

A: Although we do our best to ensure that products are available when you need them, occasionally we do run out of stock requiring us to backorder your items.

Most backorders arrive in approximately 3- 4 weeks. This is an ESTIMATE ONLY. We cannot guarantee how long yours will take. Delays occasionally occur due to busy seasons, production delays, and material shortages. These delays are unpredictable and every effort is made to minimize your inconvenience as much as possible.

We will ship your backorder when all your items have arrived. If you placed an order that includes both in-stock and backordered items, we will ship all of your in-stock items right away. When the rest of your items arrive, we will send you a second shipment.

You can cancel your part of order or complete order if you hear from us that some items are on backorder list.
Q: How do I know the status of my Order?

A: You can be notified 3 times from placing your order till it is delivered to you.

  • 1st Notice: When your order is prepared and handed over to logistics.
  • 2nd Notice: You will be notified with Tracking Number of your order
  • 3rd Notice: In case delivery is failed, you will be notified.
  • 4th Notice: You will get feedback form once your order is delivered

You can also login to your account and have all above messages recorded on order status.

Q: Do you Accept Amex?

A: Yes we do including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Money order.

Q: Someone stole my card and used it to buy stuff from your site, what do I do?

A: Contact your card company first and tell them to cancel your card because it's been stolen. Then contact us so that we can liaise with your card company to get the money refunded.

Q: If catalog is available?

A: Sorry we cannot offer a printed catalogue due to frequent changes of inventory. However, we provide a electronic version of our Catalog updated on daily basis. Click here to download it.

Q: What is "Points" Loyalty Program?

A: We have set up reward program where a customers receives points at the end of their order based on the products they have purchased. These points only rewarded when an order is PROCESSED (payment successfully done). Customers when reviews their order(s) by logging into their online account, they can see their total points remaining, total points accumulated and points for each order. Customers can redeem their points via COUPONS or GIFT CERTIFICATES.

Converting Points: Generally consider 100 Points = 1 US$ for all products but this may vary considerably high for specific product(s).

Q: What are Discount Coupons?

A: Discount coupons reward customers with discounts. The discounts can either be;

  • Discount to the total price of the order
  • Discount to specific products
  • Coupon may be linked to an affiliate who will receive a commission on any orders made using that coupon.

Discount Coupons can be used only once and they deduct a value from the total of the products ordered (this doesnt include shipping or handling fees). For example, if a customer purchases a $40 product with $10 shipping and the coupon has a value of $60, they do not pay anything for the product but have to pay the $10 shipping. They are not able to use the remaining $20 of the coupon for a future order. Coupons are automatically available for use after the customer has redeemed their points.

Q. How the customer uses coupon?

A. Customers can enter the discount coupon at any time checkout page. If the coupon is valid, the coupon discount separate line item in the order confirmation form.

Q: How to restoring previous orders?

A: Restoring previous orders allows customers to add all of the items from a previous order to their current cart. This also call RE-ORDERING. You need to login to your account to do so.

Q: What is "Wishlist" Cart?

A: A wish list is very similar to a saved cart but the actual database instead of a cookie, which means you need to create an account with us before you do so. A customer can have multiple wish lists.

Q: What is "Save this Cart" feature?

A: This is option to save cart as Cookie on your PC (you need to put item in shopping cart first). It remains valid for 30 days. You should allow Cookies in your browsers. You don't need to create an account with us.

Q: How much time Refunds take?

A: All kind of refunds subject to the final receipt of goods ordered and don't include shipping costs. A Refund can only possible if RMA is approved. If you paid with paypal, refunds happens in 2- 3 working days while for Credit Card payment, our Bank may require 7- 10 working days before refund actually appear in your card.

Q: Different exchange rate charged on my credit card/ Paypal?

A: Our official working currency is US Dollars and we charge in same currency at time of your ordering, The exchange rates on our website are for reference purpose and don't reflect current rates.

Q: I bought things as a guest on your site. How can I check my orders, request to return items (RMA), or leave a review?

A: We actually set up an account for you using your email. You just need to change your password, and you'll see all your past guest orders in your order history. From there, you can keep track of your orders, request to return items, and handle other things on your own.

Q: What's my username if I ordered as a guest checkout?

A: When you order as a guest checkout, your email address becomes your username by default which you need to use after resetting your password.

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