US K-Ration Boxes (Repro)

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There are three types of outer boxes:
Type 1: Plain cardboard with no menu, Early War BREAKFAST, DINNER, or SUPPER
Type 2: Plain cardboard with menu, Mid War DINNER or SUPPER
Type 3: Camouflage printed with menu, Very late war, (most camo boxes did not reach GI hands until the end of the war and beyond.) SUPPER only
* Each box comes with inner and outer boxes. Some folding and gluing required for assembly.

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4 to 999US$4.99

Boxes are die-cut and pre-folded, like the originals for easy assembly. Also available are boxes for D-Bars in two different styles of font as per the wartime makers. Finally, Paratrooper Morphine syrette boxes, printed on correct cardboard. Museum quality! These are probably the finest repro boxes ever made. Several years ago a professional printer and collector set out to make them right. Not laser or computer copies but made to exacting wartime cardboard specs, copying original dyes and offset printing process. WPG has purchased the remaining inventory. When these are gone, there won't be any more. Boxes come unassembled and will need to be glued for display. We've found that Elmer's glue works quick and easy.

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