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Mostly pleased (2022-12-28)
First, sizing. I've ordered several KD pants/shorts but I always read reviews where sizing is noted. What this means is that sometimes I order up one and sometimes order "true" (WPG recommended) sizes and this generally works out. For the bloomers I ordered "true" but should have ordered one size up. Just a tad snug but then again I have my winter weight on so come summer and I these few pounds, they should be fine. I will not be washing these in warm water though!
Next quality. Generally very well made but the middle of the right front pocket got sewn to the inseam so I could not get my hand in. Had to cut the stitching and re-sew. The stitching was quite heavy and as a result, the pocket itself was cut while un-stitching and I had to repair that as well. This was why I knocked it down to 4 stars. Everything else was good, including the button holes which were not undersized!
Overall, happy enough with these that I would still recommend them if one asked me.

William - Virginia USA
Versatile garmi (2022-05-24)
Super fast delivery and awsome quality and fit. True to the originals. If you don't want the extra high-water bell-botom look when you roll them down, just sew an extra button on the hem of each leg to put into one of the hem button holes and you can taper the legs for a different configuration when the legs are unrolled. I'll be ordering another pair. Perfect for a high desert summer! (hot during the day and cold at night)

Medrick - US
I like 'em. (2021-06-19)
I'm a 36 and that size was too small. I swapped out and ended up with 42's as that was all that was left. I anticipated cutting them down to resize as I sew for a hobby. Well, they fit. Don't ask me how. It seems to be missing one belt loop. No biggie I'm shortening them and will scavenge some material and add it.

lesieur - US
Fit well (2021-04-17)
Good quality , well made !

Parks - US
Excellent (2020-12-29)
Great quality and fit. Would look just like the real thing with some aging. Excellent service, as usual and remarkably fast shipping.

Charlie - UK
Best repro gas cape I've come across (2020-12-29)
A must for WW2 British reenactors, as the originals are rare as hens teeth. These are also more convenient, as they do not smell bad like the originals! It would be nice if WPG made an accompanying gas hood / helmet cover to go along with it. Excellent service, as usual and remarkably fast shipping.

Charlie - UK
loved how fast I got them (2020-08-29)
Just wish I could have had a 44 waist but hey still great shorts.If you ever get 44 waist could you let me know?

Taylor - CA
Bombay Bloomers (2020-06-30)
A great reproduction of the classic Bombay Bloomers. The only reason I've had to replace my original pairs is that I've lost weight and they no longer fit.

Craig - US
Great Price, Nice Shorts! (2020-05-21)
They fit nicely and are very comfortable. A piece of historic clothing for less than the price of new shorts.

Sully - US
Excellent (2020-03-23)
As always , excellent work

Tucker - US
Bombay bloomers (2020-03-12)
As always arrived quickly ! I have always wanted a pair and finally I was able to find one here it WPG. Kudos gentlemen, they are awesome. Extremely unique, well-crafted, very true to size. I have a 38 waist at the Naval and that’s exactly what I ordered and that’s exactly how it fits. It’s perfect. Workmanship is very nice, I must say for reenacting and as well for summer shorts around the house, They are awesome. As always the quality and workmanship is there, I can’t say enough good things about them.

Don - Manchester Tennessee
Fast delivery (2019-12-27)
Very happy with the garment. My only complaint would be the two buckles which secure the waist. They constantly 'slip' so that they need to re-tightened.

Traynor - Australia
Once again, a nice item ! (2019-08-27)
These shorts look to be a real good quality one, and thea appear quite solid ! Ordered size 44, my waist goes perfectly in ! they just seem to be a little short in length when long, but looking photos, it seems to be normal. Short, just perfect ! Thanks WPG !

Duruz - CH
Excellent Price and Reasonably Assembled (2019-08-17)
These Bombay Bloomers arrived in a reasonable time from UAE; they’re well stitched with consistently lined up button holes which are sized appropriately; they fit high waisted and comfortably. The brass buttons appear sturdy and are well attached; when the legs are buttoned up they are evenly balanced on both sides and have just enough extra length to include one more moderate cuffing to keep the shorts just above my knees and presenting as a ‘sharp’ pair of shorts.
I typically wear s sized 34 just about anything and that will fit low on my hips, below my belly button: I bought sized 36 BB’s and they fit at my belly button snuggly but comfortably, I don’t give it a second thought that this is higher than most of my other shorts/trousers.

Moran - US
Bombay bloomers (2019-08-17)
Very nice! One of the best pairs of trousers (?) I've purchased from WPG. Very well made. (My only very minor gripe is the waistband slide buckles are incorrect, but whatevs.) I wear a 32-34 and the size 34 fit perfect.

Steve - US
Good quality (2019-06-24)
These are historically accurate, make great pants for white water rafting or desert hiking, go from buttoned long shorts, to roll up shorter shorts, to loose sailor like pants so you don't get sunburned quickly. I ordered a 38 and after laundering, they fit my 36-inch natural waist perfectly.

Gunny - US
Finally Back In Stock! (2019-06-23)
The best repro BomBay Bloomers on the market! They fit well and are made correctly! While they were out of stock I ordered some from a place in India that just weren't right. They fit awfully, especially in the stride. I lucked out and found a used WPG pair on eBay. When I saw they were back in stock I ordered two more pairs. The fit is fabulous, and they are made in the correct style!

Craig - US
Perfect for the tropics (2019-04-20)
I wear these every day to work because they're just so comfortable. They're perfect for Hong Kong too; it's frigid on the metro or bus, then melting hot when you step outside to walk the rest of the way to work.

Nice pants (2019-03-21)
Really unique pants. Only drawback is that the straps that replace a fly button keep slipping; you have to fold it over to make it stay.

Hoffmann - US
Super (2019-01-20)
all received and very pleased with my purchase which was well packaged and arrived in very quick time.

Stanford - AU
Bombay Bloomers (2015-10-04)
3 years ago i got a pair for me and a pair for my mate ...our wives hate them !!! in fact the sheilas generally run screaming when they see us wearing what are probably THE WORST military gear ever designed by any a
rmy anywhere !! We wear them at Napiers 1930s themed Art Deco Wkd..lots of blokes want a pair because they are so ANTI-fashion and totally uncool !!! please put them back into production !!!

mark - new zealand
Bombay Bloomers (2014-10-30)
Just bought these for fun. And they answer the call. The special low price pulled me over the line.
A nicely made garment.

Van Riet Ralph - BE
!!! (2014-07-08)
Very good price and item!

Tereznikov - RU
UK Khaki Drill Shorts with Turn-Ups (Bombay Bloomers) Feedback (2013-11-14)
Unique part of short in HK, thanks

Lee - HK
Bombay Bloomers (2013-09-27)
Can't believe how fast the order came in. Very nice, only issue was one button hole not cut all the way in the fly.

Faltesek - US
Bombay Bloomers (2013-03-07)
great reproduction of a unique item. Quality was good but anything lacking was made up by the discounted price

Murphy - US
Great ITem (2012-11-26)
I love them. They are great quality.

Gilliot - BE
Bombay Bloomers (2012-10-29)
I was very pleased with the price, accuracy, construction quality and the shipping time. Buttons are pretty darned closed to the wartime stamped brass British ones, so I do not share the same complaints there. They seem to run on the smaller side so ordering up is a good call. (I can't believe a uniform component this unflattering ever got adopted by the British army, no wonder they're rare!) A good deal for the price, recommended!

Van Doorn - US
Bombay Bloomers (2012-10-23)
Great Service again and great quality item. Well Done, thank you,

Best Wishes,

Sparke - AU
Bombay Bloomers (2012-10-14)
Fantastic quality shorts! They fit well and look great whith the Australian KD shirt.

Alex - Scotland
Graham Taylor (2012-08-30)
Great shorts, long and baggy with turn-ups just like originals in old photographs. Accurate fitting and arrived within days of order. First class.

Taylor - GB
Bombay Bloomers (2012-07-28)
As a collector for many years these are absolutley top hole for Living History events to protect originals.The sharp buttons reflect the originals (they had the same problem in WW2 with the thread being cut)Great delivery, great price. More taqahn happy to recomend you to the rest of the Diggers Living History Group.

Wright - GB
Title? (2012-07-20)
Excellent, just wish they'd been a few inches longer. Anyway, great shorts! Thanks again.

Mose - NL
Awesome drawers~! (2012-06-27)
I may never use these for reenacting, but you can bet I'll wear the heck out of these this summer! awesome unique shorts. Get them before they are gone forever!

Hudon - US
Bombay Bloomers (2012-06-02)
Very good quality !!! fast shipment, size is perfect.

Thierry - FR
Bombay Bloomers (2012-05-21)
Unique! Unique! Outstanding quality and what a Great Price! Well Worth the purchase!

Tom - US
Bombay Bloomers (2012-05-15)
Pretty happy with my order. The quality of the garment itself is somewhat lacking, but, given the low price and the fact that it is a reproduction, I'm not surprised. I'm content with the product and deeply impressed with the service of both the seller and the delivery company. Well done - I'm wearing them now.

Cane - US
Bombay bloomers (2012-05-02)
Very unique item at great price. I will definitely wear them this summer.

Fenner - US
BOMBAY BLOOMERS (2012-04-19)
ONCE THE "travel" arrangements were worked out--the order promptly arrived--i have yet to try them on but will do so soon--i will work again with you folks--when and if i desire militaria from you again--thanx

Morton - US
Great Shorts (2012-04-17)
different, but comfortable

Werner - BR
Bloomers (2012-03-22)
great product but sharp buttons. I ordered a size up as recommended in some reviews but they came up way too big.tried washing to shrink the cotton but that I cant return them.

Headdon - GB
bombay bloomers (2012-02-28)
great fit buttons a bit sharp have to replace had trouble with cutting thread

nicholls - AU
bloomers (2012-02-25)
might have to order another pair these are so neat!I ordered a size up and they fit well.material is a bit lighter weight than the khaki drill trousers.

jarzyna - US
Bombay Bloomers (2012-02-10)
Great Quality. Look awesome rolled up. Fit is superb.

Armbruster - US
Bombay Bloomers (2011-07-05)
Der Versand ging super schnell!
Bin echt begeistert, super Qualität

vlk-geiger - DE
bombay bloomers (2011-06-28)
Just as advertised here in good shape. Aces couldn't be happier.

Thorington - US
Bombay Bloomers (2011-06-16)
Very pleased with the overall quality! The fabric is bang on and the fit well.

Furlotte - CA
Bombay Bloomers (2011-05-18)
Better then I was expecting What can I say but
BRAVO I cant wait to show them off thank you again.

Taylor - CA
Well done (2011-05-03)
The sale price was great. The quality is top notch and i continue to be fascinated that I can get product faster from the UAE then I can from most US oulets.

Jemmison - US
BomBay Shorts (2011-02-27)
I ordered them for a buddy that does French For.Legn. he hasn't said if they were OK or Not yet.. they look OK to me when I received them.

Mazzarella - US
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