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good fit (2021-05-31)
Comfortable and sized right.

Kennedy - US
fast delivey (2021-04-30)
Excellent item just what wanted thank you!

Jenkins - UK
Good quality. (2021-02-20)
A bit bigger than I had expected. Rather more French?

McCabe - LU
quality and authenticity (2021-02-04)
Very close to my original but wearable. Size is good and it does have the longer "flop" than current berets.
Very nice, beautiful job!

sollenberger - US
Great product (2020-08-20)
Great product and fast service, very happy with WPG!

Coker - US
British Beret (2020-06-30)
The size fits true. And best of all it looks fabulous!

Craig - US
WWII black tanker beret (2020-05-03)
Great beret, fits perfectly. Very fast delivery

Morgan - US
WW 2 British Black Beret (2020-04-24)
The package arrived quickly and was well wrapped and protected. The beret is the correct style, so it looks great if re-enacting British WW2 armoured troops such as Royal Tank Regiment. The quality is good and so is the sizing of the beret.

Anthony - United Kingdom
Good quality. (2019-12-29)
A little on the large size, but very good all the same.

McCabe - LU
. Fast delivery, thank-you. (2019-07-19)
good quality and fit. just like my dad's original which i still have

Drane - CA
fast delivery (2019-06-25)
Excellent beret, fits perfectly, made well, super fast delivery.

cieslewicz - US
Excellent (2019-02-26)
A very good items for reenactement..Super

Eric - FR
Very Good (2019-01-13)
DHL arrived fast. Excellent quality and fit. Will order again. Working on British Airborne and Scots Highland Brigadier

graves - US
Nice and big (2019-01-12)
Very nice, big diameter like the 1940s berets. Accurate 7 3/4 size.

John - CA, USA
Amazed (2019-01-07)
Good replica

Muzzioli - IT
Black WWII Beret (2018-05-31)
I found the product of excellent quality and the service as always was great

Stephey - US
Fantastic Piece of Kit! (2018-03-04)
Looks just like the originals!!! Fast shipping. Great Value!!

Nice repro (2018-02-16)
Very nice quality beret. Perfect fit too!

Embrey - US
Very fast delivery. (2018-01-26)
Good quality.
Looks like the original.

Sanford - US
Best Beret i've ever found! (2017-11-07)
Nice and big the way they looked in the day. delivery was prompt. Very Happy

Moon - US
Black beret (2017-09-20)
Happy with this purchase, great price, quality

Alan - Canada
Great (2017-09-17)
I own several original WWII berets and this one is a good reproduction.

MacLeod - US
British Army WWII Pattern Berets - Black (2017-06-05)
nickel rien à redire =)
(ah si , il semblerai qu'il s’agisse des tailles anglaise donc attention c'est une taille inférieur aux tailles us )

Barba C - FR
Fast delivery (2016-08-30)
Brilliant look. Asked by others where I got it. Well done.

Jones - UK
Great Quality & Fast Delivery! (2016-06-21)
Fast delivery, only 4 days and an excellent quality beret!

No doubt, I will recommend it to anyone needing one here in Chile

Javier Tapia - Santiago, Chile
Genuine item (2016-04-16)
Good prompt delivery service. Well wrapped and I'm pleased to see that it is the genuine item - with cotton lining etc - I was afraid it might be a modern version of the original. Thank you!

Craig - UK
Quickly delivered (2016-03-26)
I would like the leather trim to be slightly more resistant to wear & tear. Overall a good product.

Choat - US
Beret (2015-05-26)
good quality and fast deklivery

Ruud - NL
berets (2015-05-21)
Great berets--fit great, look great. Likewise can't believe how quickly they got here!

Bond - US
Beret (2014-12-26)
Great quality, perfect fit. My 2nd one.

Jenkinson - US
Black WWII Beret (2014-11-20)
Excellent item and FAST delivery, thank you!

Duryea - US
British Army WWII Pattern Berets (2014-09-25)
Is nice,very good repro ,good price

Waldemar - PL
Awesome (2014-08-29)
Awesome beret, fit is right on, ready to take on Franco's army.

Big X - US
British Army WWII Pattern Berets - Black (2014-08-28)
Really, really nice repro and fit my big bonce perfectly. Nice touch with the date and WPG maker's label.

Jenkinson - US
Black Berets (2014-03-17)
This is a very accurate representation of a WW2 armored forces beret. Purchased this for the Polish armored division in UK service. This is the only accurate beret for this period that I know of. Current issue black berets are too small and conform too closely to the head. These have the correct baggy look.

Popiela - US
Black wool beret (2014-01-20)
Outstanding product. Has the correct look and fullness of a WW2 beret. Modern versions are cut very short. This is my second order.

Popiela - US
Educator (2013-12-20)
Very happy with the black beret- As described !
Great repro!

Frechette - CA
WWII Beret (2013-06-04)
Excellent beret, fits perfectly, made well, super fast delivery. Thanks WPG!

Rob - UK
pretty good (2013-05-21)
The wool weight is really good, I found the 7 1/2 to be a bit large but still wearable

Smith - CA
Black British Army Beret (2013-03-27)
Good quality and good value Black British Army Beret.

Senzig - US
Very nice (2012-08-22)
very good quality repro

British Army WWII Pattern Berets - Black (2012-07-16)
very nice repro. fits perfectly.

Yokokura - JP
Beret (2012-07-05)
Fit is good. However, there is red seam tape or something, showing above the black leather sweatband.

Kennedy - US
Fits Nice, Looks Good, Fast Delivery (2012-05-19)
I can't believe how fast the delivery is! Zip!

Blum - US
Just like the originals, very good repro (2012-05-16)
Just like the originals, very good repro

Werner - BR
very nice (2011-11-25)
very nice repro. fits perfectly.

Jacob - USA
WPG service (2011-08-19)
more than just receiving the item as advertised the service, web site navigation and follow up set a standard for online service in the living historian community.

Lewi - US
Black beret (2011-08-13)
Reminds me of my father's beret. Looks and fits as I expected it would.

WW2 tanker beret (2011-07-13)
Great beret, sized as per description!

Watson - NZ
British Army WWll Pattern Beret (2011-06-08)
very nice, heavy wool construction, seemed a bit small at first but stretched out just fine after wearing the first time

Hart - US
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