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Fantastic (2022-12-21)
I recently received my 1936 pattern RAF flight boots and I gotta tell you, these things are outstanding. I live in Northeast North Dakota and our winters are brutal. These boots have been a daily staple of my cold weather gear load out and they have performed beautifully. I was slightly skeptical of the smooth leather sole with a textured heel, but once I got using them the traction has proved to be adequate in our snow and ice and the calf hight boot shaft has been outstanding for keeping the deep snow from getting in. Outstanding product! Hopefully US bail out boots are on the horizon to be added to the product line up!

Awesome (2022-02-21)
Fit like a glove, warm, and comfortable. What a great boot!

LCDR Hobie - Ma
received order very quickly (2016-03-21)
These boots are well made and very attractive. I actually Fly, so I was a bit disappointed that these did not have the goodyear Oil/chemical Proof bottom sole. The leather soles will not last long on an actual flight line. The boots are very well made and very comfortable. I would like to see them offered for "actual" use and not just nice to wear. I will definitely order again from Jerry. Please keep in mind there are some of us out here who need these for work and not dress up.
thank you

Booth - US
UK 1936 Pattern Flight Boots (2013-06-21)
Splendid repro. Everything OK

del Horno - ES
A+++++ (2012-09-05)
Absolutely FANTASIC!!!! So soft and warm
Jerry you’ve done it again!! Keep up the great work

Coxall - GB
RAF boots (2012-01-19)
Love'em, these are my new favorite boots. they go great with my WPG Irvin and Garcia gauntlets. Can't go wrong with these.

Sjostrom - US
UK 1936 Pattern Flight Boots (2011-01-19)
Boots are fantastic

Van - NL
Flying boots (2010-11-27)
Very nice quality boots... wish they had them in brown. Fast delivery.

Good Copy (2010-02-08)
Good copy of the originals, with a few exceptions. Great leather, very warm! Will get a lot of wear this winter!

Howard - US
Perfect (2009-08-01)
Just a quick note to say the flying boot portion of my RAF kit order arrived today.

They fit absolutely bloody perfectly right out of the box. I was as giddy as a young schoolboy! Thank you very much for making such wonderful reproduction items available.

I think I might sleep with them on tonight!

Edward M Eglinton - Ontario, Canada
I like! (2009-07-02)
This is one good quality set of flight boots. Nobody else does it better, I love em! Keep the RAF stuff coming Jerry!

McNamara - US
why go through the trouble (2009-04-29)
I hate to be critical but I can't see why these boots could not be a perfect match for the originals. For all the effort and time and the waiting...... The tongue in the front comes up too high. The horizontal side seam should be parallel to the ground more or less while the seam on these slants to the front. The pulls on each side are sewn in a strange place on the side of the stack. The bottom of the rear vertical seam does not have the right cut to it. Shape is nice though. Heels and soles are nice. This is 90% of the way there to a 36 pattern but there is no reason why they can't be 100%. If it were 100%, Jerry would sell a lot more of them. The leather quality is tops. The lining is tops. Even the faux AM label on the pull is a nice touch. For 36 pattern, they are good for about 20 feet away but no closer. East German army boots are good at 30 feet. 25 years ago, I brought a pair of my granddads 1930's era cowboy boots to a boot maker in Texas and he made identical boots to them. You could not tell the difference anywhere except fot the age of the leather. So I know it can be done. I guess you can say they were "theatre made".....

Bobka - US
RAF 36 patter boots (2009-02-19)
Great quality boot. Nice leather that shines well. I ordered one size larger for additional socks. "AM" stamp on the inside. Outstanding job Jerry!

Mike - Nebraska, USA
RAF flying boots (2008-12-20)
Great. Fit nice with room for the socks. Not to stiff that I can't work the toe breaks in my cramped cockpit.

Polski - US
Keep of the good work (2008-11-03)
Well you''ve been very busy...lots of new additions. Nice job on those ''36 pattern boots!

Keep of the good work (but remember to take a break every now an then too!)

Michael Reis - USA
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