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RAF Officer Visor Cap (2023-11-21)
Very nice reproduction. Quick shipping, too!

Miklosko - US
Exactly what was advertised (2023-11-03)
Fit was perfect. Best 7.5 hat I've ever gotten.

witt - US
Perfect (2022-10-16)
Arrived super fast and fit like a glove. Authenticity is first rate.

Schreier - US
As advertised (2019-12-08)
Good delivery in keeping with WPG's high standards.

Jones - US
Excellent repro (2019-01-31)
This service cap is an excellent repro. It is nicely finished, including a full lining. I found the size to be a bit large, but close enough to adjust with a very little padding.

JordanJ - US
Nice cap for the money! (2019-01-02)
The RAF officer's cap is a nicely made hat. The insignia is well done and the fit and form are great. My only complaint is that the strap is not shiny leather but cheap plastic. The shipping was fast as usual arriving in less than a week. Thanks!

Matt - US
Very good quality reproduction (2017-10-31)
Overall this is a great looking and wearing cap! A couple of minor things that I would change would be the peak which could perhaps be somewhat more shovel shaped and flatter, closer to the originals, as this one bears more resemblance to more modern hats with the curved and rounded peak - perhaps a re-badged current issue Pakistan air force one judging by the manufacturing label? The only other issue I had was as soon as it started to rain, the whole peak curled right up, but it was easily straightened out with a few heavy books and hasn't done it again since. Despite this, for the price you pay and short of an original, I don't believe there's a finer example on the market. The postage is also very fast, got to me in under a week and without fault - would definitely recommend!

Bob - UK
Fast delivery, great product (2016-11-02)
I ordered this in a hurry and received the package within a week. Much appreciated. The hat itself looks great. I am no expert on authenticity, but to me it looked the part. I think the quality of the construction was also very good.

Sawicki - US
Amazed (2016-07-04)
Received the RAF cap in good order and was pleased with the product.

Hart - US
Snug but losing some definition (2014-10-30)
Snug fit but serviceable. When compared to the cap from 10 years ago from WPG, it has lost some refinement, which does bring it closer to the WW2 originals, but it has also lost some detail. The head of the bird on the shield is now an amorphous mess compared to the old version.

French - US
RAF Peaked Cap (2014-10-01)
A quality item, It is museum worthy. Was amazed at the speed of shipping. THANK YOU WPG!

Mark Tipton - Winnipeg, MB Canada
Great RAF peaked Cap (2014-06-13)
These RAF cap are very good.
Very similar shape and look to original Bates Hatters made in London in 1930s & 40s
Great price too!

RAF Cap (2014-03-06)
I thought this would be a fair copy of the Officer RAF cap. I was totally wrong. This cap is fantastic. The crest is so good, I will display as is al;ong with my other RAF militaria. Great investment and seller delivers fast quality. I will be back for sure! thanks.

Ayer - US
Excellent Quality (2013-09-17)
Definitely worth it, both material and quality are top notch. My only complaint is that the wrong size was sent to me, a sticker label inside suggests the correct size whereas the tag in the cap states a different size.

Johnson - ON, CA
RAF Cap (2013-07-10)
While the workmanship is excellent and the delivery was speedy, the brim is not quite right. Based on all the research I''ve done, rather than a crescent, it should be slightly squared off, a bit like a baseball cap. I don''t know if this applies to modern caps, but for WW2, it certainly seems to. The effect is subtle but significant.

Dave - Delaware, USA
SD Officer Cap (2013-06-17)
Good fit. Good color wool. Beatiful cap badge. Shipping from UAE was super fast. Thanks!

John - Virginia
RAF CAP (2013-03-21)
A superb cap which fits properly,I have been wanting one for a long time;delivery was efficient,thankyou.

Robinson - GB
RAF officers Cap (2013-03-10)
Superb quality, attracted many admiring glances- fast delivery

Skinner - GB
UK RAF Officer Peaked Cap (2013-01-21)
I got the UK RAF Officer Peaked Cap today very fast shipping from the UAE. GREAT LOOKING HAT AND FITS WELL

Myrtis wilson - colorado USA
RAF officer's cap (2012-06-19)
Superb quality and service - thank you very much, it won't be my last order, Very best!!!

RAF Officer peaked cap (2012-04-29)
Great quality & good fit. Thanks

Quesnel - ZA
RAF Cap (2012-02-07)
Excellent reproduction and great match for my original RAF Uniform.

Gregory - US
UK RAF Officer Peaked Cap (2012-01-25)
Great looking cap. Very pleased with quality. I received the cap in 3 days, you can't get any better then that.

George . - US
Quick and easy and great! (2012-01-20)
My order was processed almost before I knew it, and made it from UAE to my doorstep in just over two days. The hat is quite well-constructed, with good attention to detail, including an extremely comfortable strip of velvet inside the front of the headband. The fit is good, has already received great comments, and looks crackling smart! Another one out of the park, Jerry! This is exactly why I will keep coming back! Cheers, mate!

John - San Jose, CA
Wonderful (2011-11-30)
My father was upset when his original was lost, he will be thrilled. Remarkable replica.

Lennox - US
Wonderful ! (2011-11-29)
My father was distraught to when his original was lost. This is an amazing likeness to the original. He will be thrilled. Thanks for making this available.

Lennox - US
raf vicor cap (2011-09-16)
Super smrt looking cap. Fast shipping as always.

Wallin - SE
RAF caps (2011-09-04)
Arrived in no time. Excellent quality item. Very satisfied. Top marks.

West - GB
Great Quality (2011-07-05)
They do run a little snug, getting RMA for larger size.

Webb - US
RAF uniform cover (2011-06-23)
Beautiful and very well made. Can't tell it's a reproduction from the real thing. Now they need to make the US 50 mission crusher of the same quality!

HurriJim - US
UK RAF Officer Peaked Cap (2011-06-13)
Marvelous item, nice fit and a good companion to the WPG's RAF uniform set. Fully recommended!!!

Triffoni - BR
RAF Officers peaked cap (2011-05-17)
Great quality. I would say that size runs on the snug size.

Iveson - US
RAF Cap (2011-04-11)
Superb reproduction, well worth the money and delivered to the UK faster than most suppliers based here!

Chopping - GB
The Cap give me braves after the Earthquake (2011-04-08)
I have the uniform of RAF.
I am very glad to obtain the cap.
The Cap give me braves after the Earthquake.

Shimizu - JP
UK RAF Officer Peaked Cap (2011-04-03)
Super fast delivery. Beautiful hat, very well made, fabric is spot on, badge is as nice as one can find anywhere. Only one small issue: vinyl chipstrap should be replaced with one made of polished cowhide or patent leather.

RAF Officer peaked cap (2011-03-30)
Once again delivery was so fast. The cap is very nice indeed and very well made. Thank you WPG as always.

Andrews - GB
UK RAF Officer peaked cap (2011-03-28)
Just what I dreamed it would be!

Hansen - US
RAF Officer Peaked Cap (2009-12-31)
Ordered on boxing day and arrived at my door in the UK on Dec 31st!! Absolutely superb cap. No issues with the leather sweatband at all and the attached officers badge is fantastic. Very highly recommended item!

Bryn Spawton - GB
UK RAF Officer Peaked Cap (2009-10-05)

roos - NL
UK RAF Officer Peaked Cap (2009-08-06)
Having been an officer in the Canadian military and worn peaked caps, this one fit better than any of those I was issued! No isues with the headband and when compared to old black and white RAF photos, the cap looks like it was unissued stock. Wonderful item.

Eglinton - CA
Officers peaked cap (2009-07-30)
A great product at a fair price.
Speedy despatch and no hassle.
I haven't any problem with the leather band as others have reported

Parkes - GB
RAF officer peaked cap with bullion KC badge (2009-06-21)
As noted by one of the others providing feedback here, the sweatband has been somwhat hastily attached, leaving a bit of leather that needs to be trimmed (no bespoke tailor would expect to get away with that small bit of carelessness!). Also, the front of the crown is a bit higher than it ought to be--perhaps the result of so much demand among collectors for reproduction Nazi era peaked caps with their very high crowns. OK, aside from these admittedly minor details, the cap is overall a wonderful thing. Compare it to a specimen from Mr. Sanjay's offerings in India ("Replicators", Ujna Universal, Kanpur India) and one quickly notes how the WPG offering stands heads and tails above the "Relicators" counterpart. Finally, the shaping and construction details of the WPG cap are superb enough that a genuine RAF officer of the WWII era would be proud to wear one. For a replicated RAF peaked officer cap of the WW2 era, I don't think there are any finer examples available anywhere, short of having a cap custom done by a London bespoke tailor! 9+ out of 10 for this item!

Carey (Doc Boink) - USA
Excellent reproduction (2009-04-21)
Nothing but good things to say about this replica. Excellent all around, with top detailing, fabrication, and quality. No disappointment here!

Christopher - Sacramento, CA
RAF Officers Peaked Cap (2009-02-27)
Great looking hat and very good quality, my leather headband was perfect and I have found it comfortable to wear. Very quick delivery to UK, many thanks.

Arrowsmith - UK
UK RAF Officer Peaked Cap (2009-02-10)
Excellent product, a little more attention in the trimming of the leather headband would make it perfect. More specifically the poor trimming of the leather makes it uncomfortable to wear as the leather tends to turns inside against the forehead.

. (2008-12-19)
Very nice item. Pleased with the quality. Smooth transaction and fast shipping.

Roberts - US
Needs Work (2008-11-21)
The RAF peaked cap is very pretty, but there is one issue - the headband. It was put in very slipshod in the front, which means the lower edge of the leather headband points straight at my forehead, which is uncomfortable. I will need to trim the unfinished edge down to close to the seam in order to make it wearable. Also, they seemed to have sewn through the headband when putting on the cap badge in front - putting odd folds in the headband. I can fix them, but I did expect better based on previous purchases.

Delaney - US
RAF Officer Peaked Cap (2008-10-17)
Extremely nice, well built. Very happy, will be buying the uniform to go with it now. Very fast delivery, all professional and good.

Bolli - CANADA
combatmedic The Netherlands (2008-09-22)
Very beautiful item. Fast delivery. In one word EXCELLENT, in service, products, delivery and mailing.

Huijskes - NL
Well done Maj. Jerry !! (2008-06-06)
Jerry Lee, you might have been falling behind..but my order came in fast, and the quality of the stuff is EXCELLENT. The Brit Officer boots look really well done...will tell you how they go on the use. You remain my reference supplier for any good repro wife is only lamenting she would like a Waves uniform...and can't find one.

Maurizio Piglia - New Zealand
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