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Great replica! (2020-11-26)
Great replica and great service!

Grout - US
Just perfect (2020-11-24)
Absolutely bob on for size and fit.well made too.

Harte - UK
quality (2019-09-24)
good product, arrived early, what else can one ask for?

Combs - US
GREAT Product (2015-05-07)
I am astounded these are as inexpensive as they are! Well made and near light speed shipping! Would order anther pair just to watch the tracking information.

Les - US
USMC Leggings (2014-09-23)
Perfect. Nice look. Fast.It would be interesting to add to the stock the size 3R.

Benitez - ES
USMC Leggings (2014-05-12)
Perfect fit!!!

Garvida - US
Excellent Leggings (2014-02-11)
Bought a pair of these leggings several years ago, and have used them through numerous events, including several beach landings. They are the perfect "Golden" color for Marine Corps gear, and work well for my WWII and Korean War USMC impressions. A well made product, and true to the originals!

Charlie - TN
USMC Leggings (2013-12-13)
As usual great quality product

Leon - Victoria, Australia
USMC Leggings (2013-10-20)
I put these in the washing machine with about two cups of bleach (on small load setting) and COLD water. I timed the wash cycle for NO MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES and pulled them out real fast. I got them into a bucket of clean water to stop the bleaching. They turned out exactly like the originals! The bulk of the fabric was a light gold color. The webbing, however, turned to a peach color. This is the best that can be done, unless you want to bleach them white, and start over. I did that with the cotton khakis. I was able to get them to the correct shade of OD by mixing RIT Dark Brown and Dark Green for about fifteen minutes on hot. Warning - HAVE PLENTY OF BLEACH ON HAND- RIT WILL STAIN YOUR PORCELAIN. Good Luck!

Steven - California
USMC leggings (2013-09-19)
Excellent Leggings; they fit the bill perfect

Golembeski - US
USMC Leggings (2012-05-12)
Another quality product, really fast delivery as usual!! Athough darker then I thought they would be, But, better quality then other places. and cheaper then some aution sites.

Klosterman - US
U.S.M.C. LEGGINGS (2012-01-08)
Hi,the U.S.M.C. leggings 1st class thanks.

USMC Leggings (2011-06-29)
They look and fit great, a necessary addition to my Wild Bunch uniform.

Cortez - US
USMC Leggings (2011-06-01)
Good color reproduction but is darker than the original leggings. the overall quality is good

Gmez - ES
USMC leggings (2011-01-19)
great leggings, fast shipping

Peer - Germany
WWII USMC Leggings (2010-10-24)
I have read some of the comments. It looks like some people actually got Army leggings, but are still happy with them? Also, these have a repro tag and are NOT original issue. I can't believe how simple some people are! Anyway, they look O.K.. A tad too much orange in them I think. The originals were a light gold. The only complaint that I have is that the lacings are not nearly as rugged as your Army lacings. I may have to switch them.

Speer - US
USMC Leggings (2010-05-12)
They fit, look perfect and are, from the tags, original USMC issue. Outstanding!

Chenaur - US
USMC leggings (2010-04-22)
Another quality product, really fast delivery as usual!!

Hardy - GB
5 days order to delivery inc weekend! (2010-03-30)
Usual good quality and speedy service and a perfect fit. ellecent web site and ease of ordering.Thanks

Waller - GB
USMC Leggings (2010-02-20)
Absolutly perfect! They are USMC issue and exactly what I hoped to find.

However, I did order an extra pair of laces which did not arrive.

Chenaur - US
USMC Leggins (2009-09-03)
Excellent reproduction of this rare item.

Kirchmayr - AT
USMC leggings (2009-08-23)
Aussies used these in New Guinea and the Korean war so a multi impression item for me. Usual great quality and service from WPG.

Evans - AU
great (2009-07-30)
look just like my originals but actually fit

Adrian - Orlando,FL
USMC Leggings (2009-07-22)
Fit my thick calves good. I have 2 orginal and they will not fit my big calves.

Geary - US
very good! (2009-07-14)
It is hard-to-find in Japan. It was a wonderful commodity.

Shimizu - JP
USMC Leggings (2009-07-02)
Beautiful and well made. Perfect! I love the OD color. Service excellent! Will order another set, too. The inside of each legging is a stencil marked: 4R. I'm not a re-enactor but I will be wearing these on my hiking "campaigns/expedtions".

Thanks Jerry!

Another Great Deal (2009-06-29)
I liked the first pair of leggings I purchased from Jerry so much that I just had to buy another pair!

Perfect as always!

Thanks again,

Schneider - US
Another Great Item From Jerry! (2009-06-11)
Once again your shipping time, service, price and item exceeded my expectations! In the niche market of WWII reenacting, you're the best!

Schneider - US
leggins (2009-05-05)
no problem, that is the look i wanted.

Masten - US
Nice to have ... (2009-04-24)
All the gear I purchased from WPG will outfit me fine for my Cowboy Action Shooting
WILD BUNCH match......

thanks again

Saarinen  - US
USMC Leggings. (2009-04-15)
High quality product, delivered in a timely manner.

Bonney - US
USMC Leggings (2009-02-16)
The leggings look great, they could be the real McCoy.

Garrett - US
USMC Leggings (2008-11-06)
great leggings very period accurate super fast shipping

hastings - US
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