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Noit Bad (2023-11-24)
Cimfortable to wear but the leather is thiner than the former Version a few years ago

Rueegg - CH
Awesome! (2023-01-17)
The best customer service, purchase experience, highly recommended!

Carbone - US
Nice gloves (2022-07-25)
These are my second set from WPG, and this most recent set is nicer than the last order. Seem better made. Time will tell how they hold up, but they’re riding gloves, not really heavy-duty work gloves. The last set blew out multiple places, but in fairness, I used them pretty hard in the yard, chopping wood, etc.

Haynes - DE
Fast (2021-11-02)
Great gloves

Pace - US
Good Replica (2021-10-31)
These look exactly like my grandfather's gloves, good quality and durable. Would recommend water-proofing them.

Gideon - US
fast delivery (2021-05-02)
Everything was great!!

austin - US
Great Gloves (2020-11-30)
Bought for use as tanker gloves. Look and fit great.

Charles - US
Generally pleased (2020-11-16)
Good construction, but sizing is off. Some previous reviews said they ran small, some said large, other just right, so I I ordered by true size. (L). The gloves are tight in width (Smaller that standard glove size for Large). Because because the leather and construction are good, they are responding to standard treatment for stretching gloves. I would order these again, but, based on my experience, I would order XL.

Mayer - US
Solid reproduction - Great wearing (2019-08-28)
The US M1938 Leather Para Gloves provide good value for the money and fit and wear excellent. Could not compare it with an original but I sense it might be a fairly authentic reproduction.

Ruschek - DE
Great order experience (2019-04-06)
These gloves are wonderful, strong comfortable. Very fast order processing.

Kegel - US
A Winner (2018-12-07)
Supple gloves in a cool timeless style. Perfect not just for reenactors but also suitable for "real world" applications such as driving on a cold winter morning. Snug fit, my XL are probably L+ or XL- (depending on how you want to look at it).

Wiley - US California
SO FAR, SO GOOD. (2017-04-29)
Last Pair fell apart after only a few wearings and very light use. Hope these hold up better. Thanks for fast delivery.

Mackins - US
The Real Deal! (2016-11-26)
Pair of "pretty" gloves from SSG lasted less than a year. (Advertised as "ranch" gloves: Yeah. Right.) These gloves look like they mean it! Shipped quickly. Excellent service. Thank you!

Mackins - US
nice item (2016-05-18)
made well all I expected. Wish they had med. and small.

foster - US
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2016-02-09)
These gloves fit well, and are made well. They garner compliments from all who see them. Another WPG home run!

Mark - Connecticut, U.S.A.
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2016-01-12)
Received a pair of these according to the shipping documents made in Pakistan gloves today.
Size XL, the label says 9 1/2.
Fit me nicely, good quality.
Fast shipping from the UAE-NL.
Anyone knows if these are really made from horsehide? Jerry?

Hank - NL
U. S. M1938 Horse riding gloves (2015-12-30)
Excellent gloves

Sultenfuss - US
Hiking, Dressing (2015-10-30)
The gloves are a wonderful workmanship. Excellent material and build to last for generations. I wear for hiking or for dressing in cold weather.

Urlich-Vivar - US
Gloves (2014-12-15)
A great pair..rode with this weekend

Bingham - US
Riding Gloves (2014-11-16)
Very nice. This is my third pair over ten years. I wear them regularly (3-5 times a week). Good product.

Kambic - US
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2014-08-29)
Great gloves! Purchased the XL and could not ask for a better fit.

Krupa - US
Riding Gloves (2014-08-27)
Very comfortable and well made.

Mathews - US
Leather gloves (2014-07-08)

brown - US
Gloves (2013-08-02)
By far the best product WPG has love them Many Many Thanks

Mellross - AU
Mr (2013-04-05)
Been waiting for my size for quite some time!
The wait was definitly worth it!

Mclean - CA
m1938 riding gloves (2013-03-16)
I already own a pair, wich I love. The new ones, I do´nt know, have a bit of changes to them... such as the seams on the back, not as "clear" as my first pair. Anyhow nice gloves !!

Jonlid - SE
m1938 riding gloves (2013-02-15)
I´ve had these gloves for some years now, and they are still butter smooth allthough a bit stained, the seams hold up perfectly to this day ! I just wish that you could make some us navy one´s !!

Lars Jonlid - Sweden
Cavalry Gloves (2012-09-11)
Well made fit nicely.

Brackett - US
Gloves (2012-07-04)
very good quality, and excellent delivery time

Gallie - GB
Colonel, Retired (2012-04-23)
The material and quality workmanship of these gloves is tremendous.

Clark - US
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2011-11-14)
Excellent gloves, look the part, fit perfectly, and delivery was incredibly fast !!!

Mueller-Herdemertens - DE
M1938 Horsehide Gloves (2011-10-30)
unbelievably speedy postage. gloves are bang on. many thanks.

Alex - DE
Gloves (2011-07-02)
excellent transaction - great item

fast as lightning ... (2011-05-12)
I´m very impressed about the incredible fast delivery. By the way. The gloves are perfect;o)

Michael Reißen - Germany
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2011-04-20)
Great pair of gloves. Perfect for wearing with my Triumph Speedmaster. Many thanks for a very good service too.

stickler - GB
Janssen / Germany (2011-04-18)
Thr Gloves are just what I needed, they are great.

Janssen - DE
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2011-03-30)
They are by far the most comfortable and well made gloves i have ever worn. Very warm and well made. Cheers WPG

Andrews - GB
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2011-03-23)
Love them..

Stanley - US
gloves (2011-03-18)
they are wonderful gloves. I am in a ww2 calvary unit, and I love them. I will order more items in the future. Trooper Ford 26th Calvary

Ford - US
US M1938 Horsehide Riding Gloves (2011-03-09)
I really thrilled to have acquired these gloves from WPG. The quality and authenticity for a reproduction item is truly amazing. It is truly gratifying that I decided to follow through with this purchase. The look and feel is great. The utility value of the gloves by themselves is also exceptional.

Great gloves! (2011-03-08)
Good quality gloves. The fit just perfect. Many thanks from Sweden!

Bengtsson - SE
Great! (2011-02-25)
Great gloves!

Denis - RU
Well built gloves (2011-02-15)
Very comfortable and authentic looking gloves. Faint "new leather" smell that goes away very quickly. (after about 12 hours it's half as strong.) Great gloves for the price! (For reference, a large is a US size 9.)

Hiett - US
laryat (2011-02-07)
excellent reproduction,very similar to one original in my collection

didier - FR
They Look Correct & G.I. (2011-01-02)
Mine are brand new so I still don't know how they will perform; anyway they fit perfectly my usual size, this means that they don't fit snug so they're unlikely to be ripped up open after a few use -other customers' reviews on the matter are encouraging- They're soft & well shaped; they look like ordinary Gov'nt Issue (I don't know about the friction buckles, though: didn't they had to be blackened?).
They're riding gloves, one shouldn't expect carpenter's gloves meant for continuous harsh work, nonetheless I expect a reasonable good performance from them. And yes, they stink a bit when new; anyone had ever smelled a new pair of military issued gloves back in 1944?

Ricciardi - IT
horse hide gloves (2010-10-14)
What can I say, they outstanding!

Scroggins - US
LTC (2010-05-27)
Good quality and very comfortable.

Carrico - US
very nice (2010-05-16)
impressed thanks

cooper - GB
Horsehide Paratrooper Gloves (2010-05-12)
Great gloves, perfect to go along with my A-2. Well made, nice leather, horsehide? Shipped very quickly. May buy another air!

Bill - US
Gloves (2010-05-11)
Excellent quality gloves.

Jim - US
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