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pull laine (2024-05-28)
pull magnifique

Rapide expédition (2024-05-28)
les gants sont beau , mais grand.

Hi. All (2024-02-29)
Hello Guys, Glad to Join! :)

Darricksof - Ecuador
Very nice! (2024-01-04)
I ordered my regular glove size and they are a tad large BUT they fit perfectly with my OD glove liners so I am very pleased!

Ed - Virginia USA
Quick fulfillment and delivery (2023-10-16)
Just what I was looking for, to add to my grandsons impression. Very pleased.

Sosnowski - US
M1943 Gloves AAA+++ (2021-12-04)
Best quality USGI pattern gloves for my battle of the bulge impression. I am impressed with the materials and quality of workmanship. Even though only one size remains in stock at the moment, they fit me like a glove!

In fact, they look spot on to a pair of gloves I saw in an Ardennes period photo.

I ordered a total of five pairs in a second order, insuring I will have a life-time supply and something to barter with at events.

Teo - Pennsylvania, USA
Very good (2019-08-04)
good reproduction i'm happy complete the package for US troops :)

russon - FR
Good Pair Of G.I. Gloves (2019-01-17)
I was pleased with the gloves. They are a little big but that is how I ordered them. Does WPG sell the inserts?

Pennington - US
Great quality! Will buy from again (2018-12-22)
The wool gloves I got are great! Happy to find a place that had them for a phenomenal price with the quality to match! Super fast shipping as well. Even getting it to canada!

Cooper - CA
Super (2018-12-08)
Great gloves!!!!

Stiers - US
US GI Gloves (2018-11-16)
These gloves go excellent with my WW II US soldier winter clothing set. The gloves are of excellent quality. Thanks!

Sweeney - US
Fast delivery (2018-01-14)
Well made gloves.

this was great (2017-09-07)
spot on for a match to the original. Just as bad in a good way the poor US troops must have hated them because they are little use against the cold especially once they get wet but I think it adds to the affectivity of the gloves.

Raccio - US
good (2016-12-29)
very good. Strong. Leather is black. It is even better if there is red leather.

chief Koda - JP
Identicle (2016-11-03)
The US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms are absolutely identical to my original pair--except these fit!

Gonzales - US
Excellent product (2016-03-03)
These gloves a very well made and have a great design. They run about a 1/2+ size large.

Very good shipping (2016-01-21)
Very good for the price and you will need to use them a lot to work them to shape

shermetaro - US
Fairly Good (2015-11-12)
These gloves are probably some of the warmest have ever worn. They will keep your hands warm and dry in the coldest and most wet conditions New England weather can throw at you. The only bad thing i found about them is that within hours of really putting them to the test, some of the seems on the fingers began to tare open. Now the sides of my gloves have a few holes in them, though this does reduce their warming properties a bit. It's nothing that a good needle and thread couldn't fix.
Just a fare warning.

Tyler - New Hampshire
Needed another pair (2015-04-05)
Bought a pair a few years back, sol them, regretted it, so bought another pair, A+ quality

Nappi - US
Mr (2015-02-01)
I love the gloves, they are everything as described. The service was great also

Franklin - AU
Very Pleased (2015-01-31)
I had these gloves within a week of ordering! I'm in Buffalo, NY and have been out in minus zero degree wind chill weather and these kept my hands warm. I like these better than a pair of gore tex I have! I would not hesitate to use these for heavy duty! Wool is nice and thick.

Martelli - US
US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2014-12-23)
nice gloves for the price. a bit stiff and i do not know if the leather is real.

Reed - US
Gloves wool leather palms (2014-11-27)
Nice gloves but one pair were odd sized i/e one larger then the other. Pity coz it spoiled a good order.

Smykowski - GB
Great (2014-09-24)
Very fast shipping! Nice service!
Gloves good, but some oversized ;)

Inozemtsev - RU
WW2 US Gloves (2014-03-16)
Nice repro of an original item!! Well worth the money!

DiMaio - US
US Army Gloves (2014-01-05)
Nice Gloves.

Ryan - CA
Gloves (2013-12-18)
Very nice....Thx !!

Santucci - US
Great (2013-11-03)
Great quality and very fast shipment with SKYNET.

Haenen - NL
Gloves (2013-08-06)

Bronczyk - US
I ordered two pair of the above gloves and one pair was alright the other pair was not usable. The small finger on the right was short, too short to wear. Ken Hill

Hill - US
Winter gloves (2012-10-01)
Great gloves but they don't it, that's my fault.

Schell - US
gloves (2012-09-16)
quality is good but even at size 9 gloves are too long

Wolfer - US
Great gloves! (2012-07-17)
Great product, well-made and reasonably priced. They''ll be put to good use next winter!

Theo - Everett, WA
US wool gloves (2012-02-03)
Excellent quality and matchers my original pair perfectly!!!

Zuchowski - US
US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2012-01-30)
Buena replica!! al principio pican un poco, pero te acostumbras rápido, calientan mucho.

Majoral - ES
Mittens,wool, leather faced. (2012-01-12)
Rec'd second pair, and these fit perfectly! Just in time, as I have alreday worn out one pair of so far this winter.
These should hold up quite nicely.

Arizona Territory

Montgomery - US
Gloves (2011-12-30)
Good quality. I wear normally a size ten!10)
Yours way to large. Returned for a small size.

Montgomery - US
GI Gloves (2011-12-19)
Ordered these in prep for FIG. I'm VERY pleased with the materials, construction, fit (roomy enough for liners on extreme cold days, and am most impressed with the speed of delivery. Super all around.

Callaham - US
US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2011-10-30)
Fantastic repro; excellent quality.

Santiago - US
US GI Gloves (2011-09-18)
They look really good and are very warm. they will give me warm hands in the ardennes this year.

Genderen - NL
US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2011-06-09)
Excellent! Strong materials. Good look. Gloves run a little big.

Kohlmorgen - DE
m (2011-04-13)
Super fast shipping.Great gloves, these look really cool.

Burkett - US
US GI gloves leather palms (2011-04-02)
WPG i can"t believe you sale these gloves so cheap these are the best gloves i"ve ever seen at this great quality. real nice gloves fit my hands very good. keep uthe quality.

gloves (2011-04-02)
very happy and quick shipping

mackintosh - US
Gloves (2011-01-19)
The gloves are great, fit fine with my hands. The leather is a bit more reddish than I saw in the books and than my previous ones. But overall - 5 out of 5

Chaban - UA
OK (2011-01-11)
Gloves look just like my originals. The leather is very stiff, but can be fixed with some neatsfoot oil. Five fingers needed to be sewn, as the seemstress did a poor job keeping the needle on track. After darning my new gloves, they feel good and look good. Time will tell how they wear.

Hildner - US
I like them (2011-01-08)
My first time dealing with WPG, and I''m satisfied. Gloves do wear a little large as stated, but they''re rugged and warm. Delivery time was amazing.

Ryan - IN/USA
US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2010-10-15)
Nice Gloves, great price

Anisimov - RU
Gloves (2010-09-09)
Very well made.....Thanks !!

Santucci - US
Decent gloves (2010-08-30)
Don't have originals to compare them to but tehy seem fairly well made.

Michaud - CA
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