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Recommended (2023-10-28)
It is really nice to have an address where you can buy items such as bino straps or bino case straps for reasonable prices. This enables me to get my bino collection completed with the items that are all too often lost in time. Great shop, great service and fast delivery. Highly recommended.

Vossenberg - NL
Amazed (2022-09-19)
Very happy with all of the items! Well packed, and fast delivery.....

Finney - US
Very fast delivery, great item (2022-09-18)
The binocular strap is great. It is what I needed. I was quite surprised how quickly the item was delivered.

thank You

Norvelle - US
as good as original (2022-07-16)
yes they worked out great

Janvrin - US
Very good (2022-01-05)
Fit very good to ww2 binocular. Great Qualität! Very fast shipping to germany. Thank you very much!

Saxinger - DE
Quick Delivery (2021-12-23)
2nd & 3rd ones I have purchased for other binoculars that I own.

A near perfect reproduction of the bino strap (2021-11-06)
I wanted to swap out a couple of these straps on my originals as I knew they would eventually break with all the abuse they will take in the field. I didn't really expect much from these as its just a leather strap, however I was pleasantly surprised. The detail is excellent, even as far as putting the two parallel bars on the leather edges. A very nice touch. The brass rivet is nice too and isn't cheap and tacky, it goes on easy and seems as strong as you'd expect from a thin peace of leather... however, it is thin, as it should be. So if your going to be wearing the binos, ,buy a spare, just in case!

Mackay - UK
fast delivery and in good condition (2021-10-11)
nice item as discribed

duysters - BE
Perfect (2021-02-26)
Glad I found these, very pleased!

Kusterer - US
incredibly fast delivery, perfect fit (2021-02-06)
these are a perfect fit for my old nikon binoculars. the metal keepers are just right too - i thought these had disappeared from the face of the earth, but not true!

glenn - US
recommendable (2020-10-05)
fast delivery, good communication, the repro strap is almost indistinguishable from the original

Berger - CH
A++++ (2020-03-07)
Accurate, amazing leather quality and perfect fit.

Santiago - US
Impressed again (2020-03-02)
Absolutely identical to originals in every respect. Nice job!!

Tom - US
Second one and may need a third (2019-11-13)
I purchased one several months ago, and have found a second pair needing a strap. It may even fit my German WW I pair, so possibly a third one. Great service.

bino strap (2019-09-06)
very nice leather, and at a great price

Steve - NC, USA
Great (2019-01-06)
Ditto what everyone else said. Excellent strap, maybe even better than the original. Fast service.

BTW, you misspelled "received" on your feedback request email. :-)

Blake - US
Works! (2018-10-02)
Needed a strap for military binoculars and this one was just what I needed. It fits, it works, and went to the woods last week - did a good job.

Dwyer - US
super (2018-05-13)
item as described will buy from again

De - US
Well made reproduction (2018-05-04)
Outstanding reproduction! Dead on when I compared it to the original strap! Highly recommended!

Jose - Illinois/USA
Fast delivery (2017-12-11)
Looks very nice

Jalowiec - US
Just what I needed! (2017-12-08)
Great strap for my Binoculars. It looks like it will hold up well. Also, Super quick delivery.

Excellent quality and great value (2016-11-06)
Loved the binocular straps. They looked like the real thing. Thanks for the fast shipping too. I'll definitely be back.

cook - US
Bino Strap (2016-07-02)
Great quality leather bino strap. Good for any period binos. Easily blackened.

Jim - USA
US Binocular Strap (2015-04-30)
Perfect strap for to my M13A1 binoculars. Great product.

Benitez - ES
Leather Binocular Strap (2015-02-18)
Great strap and fits fine. Good quality leather.

Senzig - US
Binocular strap (2014-10-15)
Like my original

Kreil - DE
Binocular straps (2014-10-02)
Great strap and fits fine. Stronger a more pliable than the originals. Completes my binoculars and ready for the next reenactment. Thanks Jerry!

Collantes - US
No complaints (2014-09-20)
I recently found a Bausch and Lomb mfg. 8x30 example from WW2 that needed a strap; this one is perfect.

Camp - US
an exact copy of the original (2014-08-25)
I have an original pair of Bushnell binoculars purchased by my Grandfather when they were still made in South Pasadena, California. Although he was a WWI veteran (USMC lieutenant), he used them for birdwatching, not combat. The strap attached to the binoculars was the original one and was rotten in several places, but I didn't have the heart to remove it and never dreamed I could find a replacement, but the strap I received from WPG
was an exact replica and fit the fasteners on the binoculars perfectly. Thanks to WPG my relic binos are in A-1 order again!

Burhenn - US
thanks (2014-05-23)
really fast and very satisfied

clark - US
US Binocular strap (2014-01-21)
Nice leather, looks great

Zaricor - US
US Binocular Strap (2013-12-15)
surprising quality, excellent choice of leather.

foltz - US
WWII Binocular Strap (2013-09-07)
Great!!! If you have WWII binoculars, you'll want this strap!!!

Carnivorous Vulgaris - US
Perfect for my Nash Calvinator, (2013-03-06)
Perfect for my Nash Calvinator,

Bergstrom - SE
US Binocular Strap (2012-12-20)
Just like the originals! Great Buy if you need a replacement!

Tom - US
Mr. (2012-11-25)
Binocular strap I ordered and received was exactly the same as the original one. Couldn't be more pleased.

Greif - US
Binocular Strap (2012-11-09)
A wonderful little detail that adds to an impression. Well made and durable.

JR Phipps - US
US Binocular Strap (2012-10-03)
I purchased my strap to replace the original one that came with my Bausch & Lomb Type EE 6x30 field glasses. The strap arrived in a very reasonable amount of time. It is of good, robust, material and patterned just like my original example. It did, however, require treatment with leather conditioner to make it supple. The strap fit in the loops on my glasses with no trouble. The only fault I could find was that the studs were not blackened like the ones on my original strap. That was easily fixed with some deft work with a permanent marker. Other than that, I am very satisfied with my purchase and can see it providing good service for a long time.

A. Antonopoulos - US
US Binocular Strap (2012-09-10)
Very good reproduction of the original, fast delivery good site!!!

Vergouw - NL
US Binocular Strap (2012-09-03)
nice work, a little thicker than my original one

Hao - CN
Great strap (2012-08-30)
Terrific quality, very hard to find soemthing like this at such a great price. Thanks for the super-fast shipping.

Perfect (2012-08-29)
Actually better than what I have expected to receive

Luetz-Hawranke - CH
Bino strap (2012-08-10)
Great straps , fit well & look good.

Merenkov - US
Binocular strap (2012-07-17)
Fits perfectly and looks appropriate with my WWI Signal Corps Binos.

Shufelt - US
Binocular Strap (2012-07-15)
Nice reproduction, OK.

Gascon - ES
simple and perfect. (2012-07-09)
i dont have real binoculars i am using something that basically looks like the original with some minor details missing. the strap really gives it that authentic look.

Pegis - US
Bino strap (2012-06-08)
Nice, fits the need.

Squiers - US
US Binocular Strap (2012-03-14)
Excellent. Slipped right in place on my original binoculars. Jerry is great at getting the little details right.

Jordan - US
Product Review (2012-03-11)
As a WWII Infantry reenactor I appreciate products that look the part. The binocular straps perform well even on the run in the field. Good product rating 10 out of possible 10.

Ben-David - US
binocular strap (2012-03-04)
Excellent repro. Looks just like an original. Fast shipping. I had an old pair of bio, now I have a nice used pair.

Goff - US
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