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Fast Delivery (2024-02-22)
This came way faster than expected and the blanket is very nice quality.

London - US
Outstanding (2023-12-26)
Outstanding purchase. Many remarks about the great quality and materials.

Jongema - US
Great item (2023-11-26)
Outstanding Quality. This a must order item for any interested.

Jongema - US
Super (2020-08-10)
I have received my 1916 mackinaw and 1906 blanket. The quality is superb and are a welcome addition to my winter wear.

Lane - US
U.S. saddle blanket (2019-04-06)
This saddle blanket is great! It is heavy wool, evenly shaped and so folds properly for even weight distribution of the saddle. This blanket prevents "hot spots" better than my modern saddle pads!

Peter - VA USA
Great Blanket! (2018-08-10)
Great blanket!

Jim L - US
1906 Olive Drab Bedding Blanket (2018-02-19)
This is another item that adds "class" to your impression. If your going to go, go all the way. I spent a pretty penny getting custom tailored uniforms from Schipperfabrik. I built my own Brodie Helmet. I refinished the stock and re-blued the receiver on my M1903 Springfield Rifle. After all of that, why would I "blow it" by using a WWII O.D. hospital blanket with my M1910 khaki shelter half?

Speer - US
Bed blanket-finally! (2018-02-06)
This blanket arrived just in time. We are having a very cold winter here in No. Ariz, and this blanket
Paid for itself in the first week! Along with the saddle/bed blanket, yes the bed blanket also served as a bed blanket in the field.
Thanks Jerry it was well worth waiting for.

-Irish Mick. Ariz.

Montgomery - US
M1906 Bedding Blanket (2011-01-08)
Nice heavy weight, good color, great repro. Looks like it will be very warm. Perfect addition my display.

Chris - Springfield, IL
US M1906 Bedding Blanket (2010-09-13)
Excellent reproduction of a classic blanket. Wool thickness, stitching, label, and stripes all first rate. A key backdrop to my WWI display when spread out on the ground. Thanks Jerry!

Armbruster - US
blanket (2009-12-18)
First the good - very well made, very nice - it matches one of two original WW1 blankets I own.
Which is also bad. My originals are intact. They have no wear, rips, moth holes, etc. but they have shrunk - they have lost weight (possibly when the wool looses moisture?). The regs for this specific blanket call for it to weight not less than 5 pounds - what I received only weights 4 pounds 3 ounces.
So - for being about 3/4 pounds under weight -but fine in all other respects - I can only give it a 4.

Harmon - US
WWI US Blanket (2009-12-14)
Just got the blanket today. Its very close to the original, taking into fact 90+ years age difference. The only problem..the shipping is not free, despite what it says on the website. It adds $6.00 to the price. Otherwise I''m again satisified with my purchase from WPG

Mark - Colorado, USA
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