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Comfy! (2018-07-20)
Really comfortable. I actually wore them around town when I got the. Really unique and good for reenacting.

Lecinski - CA
great shoes from a great company (2018-05-21)
Another great item from WPG! At first, like all new footwear, they fit and look odd. Nut after wearing for a bit they now fit my foot well and look good too. Pretty true to modern sizes, but a bit long for some feet perhaps. Super fast shipping as is usual.

Steve - USA
Consistent (2018-03-04)
Got a pair of these back when they first popped up on WPG & been meaning to get another for a while now. Finally did it and they did not disappoint. Shipped quickly from depot and arrived here really fast. First time in a while I've bought from WPG and these have got me hooked again! DE

Dan - NZ
Solid Product (2017-12-29)
Quality product. Comfortable to wear and easy to slip on. Good camp shoes for after hours at events.

Williams - US
Prompt delivery. (2017-03-14)
Nice quality, easy on the feet after a day in ammo boots.

Shellcock - UK
Comfy (2016-06-01)
Best military casual shoe extant.

Thorington - US
Pimsols (2015-09-05)
Second order when my size became available. Great shoes. Everyone is envious of British units and their Pimsols at reenactment events

Popiela - US
Excellent product (2015-08-29)
A splendid old-style sneaker. Not much support or cushioning, but insoles can be added. I intend to buy another pair when my size is available again.

Daniel - Seattle, USA
Good (2015-08-03)

excellant (2014-06-05)
plimsolls arrived super quick, very happy with them, very close to the real things, will buy again for my sons.

corcoran - GB
Better than the best (2014-06-04)
Very well made & great design shoes.

Nemtsev - RU
Plimsolls (2014-05-13)
Great, looking forward to wearing them after a long day.

Pearson - CA
Plimsoles (2014-04-01)
Nice find! You can't complain at this product! Well done Jerry!

Marshall - GB
plimsoll daps (2012-09-12)
absolutely spot on, looking forward to testing durability etc

Ruffell - GB
Mr Redford (2012-01-29)

Redford - GB
Mr Redford (2012-01-29)

Redford - GB
Army Plimsolls (2011-10-10)
Really good plimsolls - like I remember when I was a youngster.

Cavanagh - GB
plimsoles (2011-10-06)
Good look, good fit, simply good buy.

Klavik - CZ
plimsolls (2011-07-30)
These are a great find to my collection. I was issues this type back in the 60's

Rixon - US
I love them (2011-06-02)
Perfect for PT or walking around camp after Last Post.

Giovanna - US
UK WWII style plimsolls (2011-05-03)
The plimsolls look a wee bit flimsy, on mine the rubber part at the tips had started to come off from the canvas uppers, but no great deal(glued it back on), plus the laces are a tick short. But with an insole added they feel very comfortable, we''ll see how they stand the test of time.Note also that the actual colour is more of a brown shade than shown in the picture. Thank you once more to WPG for the effcient customer service and fast delivery.

Phillip - United Kingdom
good fit l (2011-04-08)
I can put them on my big feet with all cnfy .good price

Hunnewell - US
UK WWII Style Plimsolls (2011-03-08)
"New Old Stock"- how could anyone complain?
Just perfect- comfy too!

Ashford - SE
UK WWII Style Plimsolls (2011-01-19)

UK WWII Style Plimsolls (2011-01-19)
Fine product.

Van - NL
Plimsolls (2011-01-06)
Excelent item and very fast shipment as usually.

Juran - CZ
Very good (2011-01-02)
hank you for sending the item so quick to my adress. The service is the best I ever meet by ordering on internet!

Marco - NL
Excellent Product & Very Fast Delivery (2010-12-05)
A rare occasion to have a real period looking item in brand new conditions. They fit perfectly my actual size (no need to puzzle about it: got to order a number more.. a number less..) more comfortably than other standard issues. I'd decisively recommend them to anyone.

Ricciardi - IT
Great Look, but wear through quickly (2010-11-06)
I love the look of these shoes, but I've only had them for a couple of weeks, and have already worn through the extremely thin soles after light wear. I wish they were of higher quality construction.

They look great, but with any regular wear, they will need to be replaced very quickly.

Lora - US
UK Style WW II Plimsolls (2010-10-26)
They are very close to the originals but in the details you see that they aren't British made but from India. Nevertheless I would buy them again! Super, shipped very promptly from UAE!

Onori - CH and IT
british/indian plimsoles (2010-10-06)
very good product
thank you WPG

calzavara - IT
mr (2010-09-02)
Very impressed look great size 10 is more like an 11 for me perhaps i should have ordered 9s , still might many thanks

bourne - GB
NICE! (2010-08-26)
Perfect addition to the collection!

McDonnell - US
Good shoes (2010-08-19)
A must have item for anyone who spends a lot of time in Ammo boots!

Santos - US
l (2010-08-11)
100 srevice

Plimsolls (2010-06-22)
Fit like a glove. I'm a U.S 11 and I ordered U.K 10. Perfect!

Newton - US
UK plimsolls (2010-05-19)
Great! Ordered in my size (UK9) and they are a perfect fit. These came as a replacement for an item which ran out, and I am grateful to Jerry and WPG for getting it sorted out for me! Full marks!

Dan - NZ
WWII Style Plimsolls (2010-05-15)
These are fantastic...well done WPG.I've long wanted a pair of these for my kit.Very pleased.
Great service and fast delivery to the UK.Thankyou.

askew - GB
plimsoles (2010-05-12)
Very comfortable and well done. Very similar to my originals I don't want to ruin.

Campbell - US
Plimsolls review (2010-05-11)
I ordered a size 8 without thinking about UK/US sizes, I got a UK 8, a bit large but still very comfortable. I'm looking forward to jogging in them.

Woodard - US
UK WWII Style Plimsolls (2010-05-08)

Mr (2010-05-05)
Excellent product!

Turfitt - US
Black, US (2010-05-05)
Size 8 fits my US size 9 quite well. Very close to originals. Now I can be comfortable round the camp.

Black - US
Plimsolls (2010-04-09)
Excellent, hard to find item. I ordered a size 9 and it fits my size 10 foot perfectly. Very comfortable to wear!

Pierre - FR
Wonderful (2010-04-01)
They're inexpensive, they're a dead-on match for originals, and they're brand new. What more could you want? They also fit my big feet. An excellent product.

Geyer - US
UK WWII Style Plimsolls (2010-03-22)
Finally, as close as you can get to the originals. Brilliant!

Ulrich - GB
plimsoles (2010-03-22)
Very fine product and pleased with them.

Campbell - US
plimsoles (2010-03-21)
Rec'd my excellent shoes exactly as ordered and a perfect fit.

Jack Reimer

Reimer - US
My Plimsolls of Desire (2010-03-20)
Thanks for providing us with this great piece of kit. They are perfect in every way. A perfect match for wartime Plims.
You always come through.

Tony 7th A& SH - Westminster, MD USA
Perfect for the barracks (2010-03-12)
I have been looking for plimsolls like this for years. They look great.

Rutledge - US
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