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GREAT (2023-07-26)
nice leather, fits great on the belt

D - PL
Perfect replica! (2021-09-10)
I'm fully satisfied :)

Drabi - CZ
Another winner (2020-12-27)
Authentic to the original. I like that they don't come coloured correctly as I sometimes do irish volunteers and need black leather. So keep it up guys

Keller - AU
Good copy (2018-08-11)
I showed this to a WW1 collector friend and he said that it would be welcome in his house, so that’s good enough for me!

Ric - UK
UK Leather Pistol Ammunition Pouches (2018-01-01)
Pouch was very nice.

Tucker - CA
Pistol Ammo Pouch (2014-09-26)
Nice repro, but full moon clips don't allow it to close properly. Maybe half moons would fit better.

Smith - US
Mr (2014-07-20)
Well made look the part

Mills - GB
P08 Ammo Pouch (2014-07-17)
Well made out of quality leather. Sturdy belt hooks.

Hawkwood - VT
P03 Pistol Ammo Pouch (2014-05-12)
Accurate reproduction. Very well made. Quality leather and attention to detail evident.

Hawkwood - VT
Quality product (2013-02-11)
Good quality leather and brass fittings.
For some reason P08 style is made with a gusset like a purse rather than one piece front like a pouch. Inner flap on wrong side too. Odd.
That said, takes up leather stain well to colour if your choice. Will last an age.

Sean - U.K.
Mr (2012-10-29)
Very good reproduction of an '08 pistil ammunition pouch.

Borg - AU
Superbe (2012-05-04)
Excellent quality reproduction! It did take a lot of scrubbing with a wet scouring pad and soap to remove all of the stupid waxy coating and get a stain coating that didn't look uneven. Fit my P08 gear perfectly!

Skriletz - US
U.K. Leather P-08 Pistol Ammunition Pouches (2012-03-27)
Nice reproduction of the second version of this pouch. Once oiled, matches very well the other ranks/NCO holster.

Horse Soldier - US
Excellent kit (2012-02-07)
This appears to be a faithful reproduction. The leather is of a very high quality and is very supple. The brasses are likewise of high quality and very sound. The price is very reasonable and delivery from Dubai to Great Britain was approximately 2 days!

Bell-Hartley - GB
Ammo pouch (2011-12-30)
Very nice work and super fast shipping over the Christmas holiday. I am as always a happy repeat customer.

Brian - VA, USA
1908 Pistola ammo pouch (2011-08-28)
Superb repro! VERY close to originals and one of the few if any repros with the correct leather grain.

In a word- ace!

Steve - Melbourne, Australia
UL Leather Ammo Pouch, 1903 (2011-07-29)
Well made pouch, colour needs to be a darker Brown, will follow advise from others

Bogart - CA
Good leather (2011-05-06)
I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of leather used in the pistol pouches and holster. It is thick, good quality and the attention to detail in the stitching is excellent. Also the brass hardware is beefy and well made without rough edges.

Jim - US
03 Patt. ammo. pouch. (2011-01-08)
Lovely repro, with correct lip inside the pouch to stop rounds jumping out when running etc. Nicely grained and well riveted. Supple leather, took a colour very easily. Works well with the store''s 03 belt for RP and MP impressions, WW1.

Dave - Scotland
Leather ammo pouch (2010-11-19)
Really a great otem fits my Sam Brown belt after oiling the leather color is the same brown and the Sam Brown belt

Stoneman - US
UK ammo pouch with brass hooks (2010-07-25)
A fine reproduction indeed. Stains well with Neatsfoot Oil and waterproof compound to resemble WW1 pouch. Brass hooks tight on web belt but a bit of wiggling hooks helps. Cheers, Kim

fawkes - AU
I love it! (2010-05-15)
This is very good leather-work. Not the usual painted, rock hard, ox-hide BS you will find at other vendors. I expect this to last for years.

McNamara - US
pistol ammo pouch (2010-05-07)
Bought version B with the brass hooks. These fit very tight on my web gear - without being difficult to hook on. It easily holds two moon
clips with .45 acp ammo.
Over all a very nice pistol pouch.

Harmon - US
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