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UK Pat 37 web belt (2023-12-21)
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the web belt - it replicates original web belts in almost every way - I say 'almost' because the rear buckles are not positioned as per an original belt

fawkes - AU
Super fast deliver, as always. (2023-08-08)
Very happy with my purchase.

Henriksbo - CA
Super (2023-05-07)
Fast delivery, just what i wanted.

Borowski - US
Remarkable (2023-04-17)
As always can't beat the best.

Faltesek - US
Very Nice (2023-03-19)
This is on point. Nice work, good repro.

Parfait (2022-04-06)
Livraison très rapide, comme d'habitude.

TOP (2022-01-11)
Very nice belt i will continue to assembly my webing and uniform from yous and very fast shipping

Giannis - Cyprus
very fast delivery thank you (2022-01-11)
very nice product and for sure i will keep up to assebly the rest of my webbing

Machattou - CY
GREAT ITEM!! (2021-12-29)
An excellent item. Belt is the perfect colour. WPG is my go to for any reenacting uniform items.

smart shopping (2021-12-26)
Like always, thank you

Soler - ES
P37 Web Belt (2021-12-04)
Very nice quality, service and shipping outstanding

Robson - CA
Great item (2021-10-09)
Came fast. Great fit and authentic design. Using it on my Seaforth Highlander uniform.

The Bruce - US
As good as an original (2021-08-23)
Plus a goodly size for the more portly gentlemen amongst us. The metalwork is often a let-down with repro belts, but here, it's spot-on. Another 10 out of 10 for WPG.

Dickinson - FR
Ready for use (2021-08-16)
In the usual very good quality of WPG. Tradition made. I am very satisfied.

von Wyl - CH
Great Kit. (2021-05-07)
100 percent satisfied.

Oram  - CA
Excellent and efficient service ! (2021-04-17)
Great belts that are a good substitute for the near impossible to get WW2 Canadian ones.

David Chan - AU
Very fast delivery (2021-04-09)
Perfect product. Great looking & fits well. thank you.

Simmons - US
p37 web belt (2020-12-30)
Second order this time around has better brass. Good quality.

Booth - CA
Nice Belt (2020-10-27)
I am quite pleased with it. Also shipping from UAE was very fast,

Lance - USA
P-37 belt (2020-09-15)
Great product and fast shipping! Will order from WPG again!

Coker - US
Delighted with quality. It's the real deal. (2020-07-14)
The belt is really good looking and perfectly made. I can not tell it from the original issue. It looks better than fresh issue. The Large size adjusts easily down to at least 34 inches, so my 36 size was not a problem. It almost looks too dressy with parade brilliant brass.

08x15 - US
Fast delivery as it was US post, web belt (2020-06-20)
The deliver for these items shipped via US post from the USA was significantly much faster than the rest of the order, which was shipped DHL. They still sit in a local warehouse after arriving there 8 days ago. The belts themselves were good quality. The brass had a significant amount of tarnishing, which a wire wheel was able to take off. Unfortunately you cannot take the belts apart like the originals. Therefore the wire wheel cannot clean areas next to the webbing without causing damage. Thank you

Booth - CA
Great Belt (2020-03-20)
Belt looks just like my original. It's good that WPG offers man sized belts.

Chumbley - US
Excellent (2019-05-22)
Yes, I have received everything ordered

Lyon - US
Fash Shipping, Great Product (2019-03-18)
These guys are great at speedy shipping and their products are top notch. Highly recommended.

Kendall - US
superb (2019-02-18)
excellent, almost like the original

pauletto - IT
Very good (2018-09-13)
Great quality, indistinguishable from an original. (I have several) Very fast delivery.

graves - US
Just like the originals (2018-08-08)
After a long search on the internet for a good and correct reproduction P37 webbing belt. I decided to order here and I was very pleased. The feel and thickness of the webbing is absolutely good. Even the adjustment pockets on the inside are correct. Brass hardware is perfectly riveted and sturdy. Worth the price. Kind regards from the Roer Triangle front in the Netherlands

van Bronkhorst - NL
Great quality (2018-01-15)
Great quality, hard to distinguish from an original UK WWII utility belt. Add fast shipping and you have the perfect ordering experience. 5 Stars

Casagrande - US
UK p37 utility belt (2018-01-04)
Very impressed with the quality of the belt. Fast delivery too.

Jim - Pennsylvania, USA.
Nice fit (XL). (2017-06-13)
Very impressed with delivery (3 days).

Steel - US
Top seller (2017-05-20)
Very nice belt, fast delivery. Greetings from France

Good Show (2017-04-18)
I was pleased with the product. Nice color.

Kinney - US
fast delivery (2017-02-03)
Belt very satisfactory described as adertised

Schmidt - CA
Nice (2017-01-18)
A very nice. Matches the equipment well. Thanks

Cole - US
Pistol (equipment) Belt (2016-11-15)
Reasonable price and high quality as per usual.
Thank You

Clinton - US
Fast Delivery (2016-06-24)
Excellent, well made repo. Stitches tight and tough, webbing thick and stout. Well worth the cost.

Bolton - US
Super (2016-06-19)
Perfect belt, very nice item!

Dieterle - DE
UK P-37 Web Equipment Belt (2016-02-28)
All is perfection, Product, Service, Your Team!
Thanks a lot!

Amazed (2016-01-21)
Got item in 8 days great service items are good well done I will use WPG again !

Chow - CA
It works (2015-11-09)
Fits well and works just like the real McCoy

Nolla - US
Mr. (2015-09-01)
Good repro..satisfied customer!!

Irwin - AU
excellent (2015-09-01)
extremely fast service. The belt is exactly what I was looking for. Could not be more pleased.

Payton - US
UK P-37 Web Eqip Belt (2015-07-20)
Happy with item.

Tasca - CA
Perfect construction (2015-06-21)
Size large, better made than the originals and super fast shipping. Perfect.

Scott - US
Outstanding Quality (2015-06-19)
Wonderful quality that is almost better than original mfg belts. Available in modern sizes is a big plus. Great color.

Waistbelt (2015-06-07)
Looks just like the original great service and fast shipping

Cook - US
Belt (2015-05-26)
Nice even the size is big enough good replica.

Ruud - NL
UK P-37 Web Equipment Belt (2015-02-21)
It is exactly what I was looking for. I have come to appreciate the high quality of WPG products. Will shop again.

Roe - US
UK P-37 Web Equipment Belt (2015-01-22)
Very fast shipping . Great color made like the original .

Willer - US
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