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Superb! A Daily wear! (2016-03-23)
I am getting my US uniform together for the centennial of WWI, and decided to start with my boots. Holy cats! I'm a college student (history major) and I love these boots! I wear them to class at least once a week, and I feel great clacking up and down the halls! Just remember, that the hobnails do not offer the best traction indoors (I took a spill or two in the cafeteria, but from the diary entries I've read from the war, that is 100% authentic!).

When I received the boots (super fast shipping btw) they were untreated, so I applied dubbin to them so that they would be more waterproof (and authentic). The dubbin gave my boots a really nice dark tone, and they smell fantastic! Honestly, I've worn them in the mud, and have tromped around in the rain, and I have had no worries with these boots! Of course, I have taken the time to scrape off the mud, re-apply dubbin, and give them the care that they deserve (I'm not about to destroy $180 boots).

So to recap: Greta boots! Take care of them and they will last! Quality craftsmanship! Even when I slip and fall down in the middle of 100 college students, I still feel great!

Buy these boots.

Samuel - Illinois, USA
Solid and Beastly (2014-09-09)
Fantastic copies of a heavy, beastly boot. Stiff as hell - I walked these in over a period of two months before I took ''em in the field for a weekend. Just like the real deal, once these things break to your foot then you''ll love ''em. Excellent copies and built to last a long time, just like the originals. I am very impressed. The leather is thick, the soles solid and the steel like rock. Like the originals, built to march to Berlin, then wear on into the 1930''s. Obviously the last Doughboy boots I''ll ever need.

Rob Laplander - Wisconsin, USA
The best boots I''ve gotten in a while (2014-09-02)
Jerry, you''ve created a work of art. Big, heavy, solid boots that wear hard and aren''t scared of getting dirty. Surprisingly comfortable, even without insoles. I''m incredibly pleased with your work.

Zach - New York
????? (2011-11-03)
Ummm, I don''t know....the leather is not really heavy duty. It''s thin, light weight suede/buck skin. Made in India. Workmanship, not top notch, I had to cut some of the upper inner threading to be able to get my left foot in the boot. Hope it lasts this winter.

Hyok - Omaha, NE
M1918 Pershing Shoes (2011-02-17)
What can be said about these shoes. They are ugly, heavy, and built like tanks...just like the real Pershing Shoes. Fantastic copy and looking forward to taking them into the field. Thanks

Mark - Colorado
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