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Very fast delivery (2023-05-01)
Perfect jacket. Changed the buttons and am having it tailored. Great product at a great price. Thank You Mate.

Simmons - US
Scottish Officers Dress Tunic (2023-03-13)
An excellent jacket, I ordered it larger than need as I have gained a bit and am actually in-between the available sizes listed. That can all be taken care of at my local alterations shop.

Gibbens - US
Slightly different wool than before. (2023-01-12)
I bought my first cut-away officer's tunic six years ago for reenacting. I bought this one to convert into a hunting jacket (adding leather elbow patches and shoulder patch, plus leather buttons). I was originally going to have a jacket custom made, then I remembered how sturdy of a garmet this was! The only real difference is the wool. My older jacket is slightly thicker and more "woolly." Outside of that, it's another homerun for WPG!

Ward - US
Better Than Expected (2021-12-21)
The barathea cloth used must have been an improvement, as this feels to be a heavier weight than a friend's of mine ... which is a good thing! Consequently, it hangs on me better, and the fit is perfect. I normally wear a 44, but have found jackets/coats/tunics from WPG fit better in 42 ... right out of the box, nó tailoring needed.

Ragan - US
Jacket (2021-10-02)
Very good service.
My first coat was too big.
I was able to return and exchange for the correct size without any problems.
Reliable company.

Willems - NL
Great product, fast service (2021-09-28)
The jacket fits perfectly. I have very long arms, so the arms did not need tailoring.
I was impressed by the weight of the material and the lining. Top notch.
Goes well with my US Army tartan kilt, especially when matched with the Sam Browne belt.

Wilmeth - US
Beautiful uniform (2021-07-17)
With Colonel pips on the epaulets, London Scottish insignia on the shoulders and Red insignia on the lapels, it makes for a very striking WW II uniform.

Slocum - US
fast deliery (2021-01-09)
great service and great product! Ill order new soon!

Great uniform (2019-08-31)
I am a WW II reenactor and have several uniforms. I love my Scottish colonel's tunic that I wear with tan slacks or Black Watch kilt. At one meet, when I wore this tunic, someone bought me and my wife our meal!

Bruce - Texas, USA
Very Nice! (2019-05-01)
Better than expected! The inside is very comfortable. I wear a 44 Reg., but I have lost 23 lbs dieting. So the jacket fits well, but just a little loose in the belly. But nothing a tailor can't fix until I gain my weight back. Sleeves were not too long (but could take up an inch). Outstanding for the money!

Michael - Texas
Very Nice! (2019-04-09)
The cut is too loose. Shoulders good, the body too wide.

Lubarsky - US
Amazing (2019-07-02)
This will great for my uniform

Brandon Wheeldon - US
Good Quality and perfect service (2018-04-17)
The Cutaway Tunic is very beautiful and fits perfect. First I ordered a too big size but the exchange was no problem. Thanks for the good service!

Johannes - Germany
Delivery and quality (2018-04-08)
Quick delivery and great quality jacket.

Hinson - US
couldn't be happier (2017-11-30)
I'm attending a reenactment in the spring.
I can't wait to wear my 7th KOSB uniform.
Thanks for everything!


Jaramillo - US
Extremely Quick (2017-09-26)
This will be the perfect addition to all my Scottish attire. Planning to wear this with my kilts as well as the Black Watch riding breeches. A superlative fit.

Amazing Quality! (2016-12-07)
I read every review before purchasing a product in order to glean as much information as possible before I pull the trigger; especially a product at this price point!
I wear a 46R and purchased a 46L based on an earlier review. It fits perfect. (Insert smug little smile) If your intention is to portray an officer then you can make no better choice than this cutaway jacket. Tailoring will be required for the sleeves as mentioned previously. What isn't mentioned is the fact that this jacket is fully lined. It has snap ties to ensure the belt doesn't fall free, and the wool is very soft (not scratchy or overly hot to wear). I've never held an original (the WW1 Museum here in Kansas City, MO would frown on that), but I very much look like I am wearing one. This is not a costume piece, it's a fully functional garment and I couldn't be happier.

Shane - Kansas City, Missouri
Very nice indeed (2016-02-16)
Glad to have gotten one before this product runs out. Nicely made, fits well and is very well made.

Finlay - AU
7 jscottish jackets (2015-11-22)
nice items and good deal.

Scottish Officer Barathea Wool SD Jacket (2015-09-29)
First of all, this is a great repro, you won't get better at the price, if at all. The cloth is very good as is the pattern. Sizing; I have a big chest compared to my waist (40"CH, 30"W)so I had to take my tunic in. If you are of a more standard modern size (40"CH, 36"W) you will be fine. If you have a larger waist consider a bigger chest size. Please measure yourself and be honest (costumers want to know what size you ARE not what clothes you buy!. I worked professionally as a costumer for 20 years and another 10+ years for a laugh so I know what I'm talking about!

Perry - UK
WW2 Scottish Cutaway jacket (2015-06-19)
Thinner material than the originals but given how difficult it is to find an original in a large size then these are perfectly acceptable.

United Kingdom - Edinburgh
Great jacket (2015-06-08)
An excellent jacket that was delivered with amazing speed.

Rosenberg - SE
Mr. (2014-01-21)
The tunic arrived very quickly and the size was a very good fit.
I was impressed by the service and the product

Girling - CA
US (2013-10-08)
Very pleased with the ease and speed with which my order was processed - thanks!

Fellinger - US
Drum Major (2013-04-30)
The jacket needed a little tayloring, iin the sleeves, but I knew it would. Having the chevrons and other badges put on know. Very fast shipping, great tracking and fantastic customer service. Thanks

Stevens - US
Scottish Officer Dress Cutaway Tunic (2013-04-24)
I was hoping that this would be good, and it isn''t....IT"S BETTER! This was my first order, but it will not be my last. As discribed, the sleeves are a little long which is perfect. I will have a little tayloring done to fit me and this will complete my outfit. great workmanship, nice material, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Craig - Southern California, USA
Barathea Tunic (2012-12-24)
I ordered a 44L and it fits like it was made for me. Another great purchase from WPG. Keep up the good work.

Hickey - US
First Rate (2012-12-09)
Fit is perfect. Good quality, VERY fast delivery. Second time I've ordered from WPG, and both times excellent product, delivery, and service.

Blaylock - US
Officers Barathea (2012-10-22)
Very happy with the quick delivery - bit tight around the middle (but that is my fault - should lose some weight) otherwise everything as it should be Thank You

Coutts - CH
scottish officer tunic cutaway (2012-07-07)
the barathea tunic was great -more than I expected ! I ordered a 48long and was leary that it would not fit since I thought a 50long would be better. Jerry said it would be awhile before he had 50longs so I ordered a 48long. I was pleasently surprised ,sleeves fit perfectly. a full cut 48chest I will even have to have the jacket tailored to take it in a little. I would highly recommend this jacket.

Stillman - US
Order number 44731 (2012-07-01)
Tres satisfied with this jacket, delais is respected.
One big thank you.

Olimpio - FR
Excellent (2012-05-16)
I liked the first one so much, that I decided to get a second one.

Concon - US
Scottish Officers Jacket!!!! (2012-04-24)
Extremely Happy with this excellent jacket! I'll always be a loyal customer.

Concon - US
Too short for tall men (2012-03-08)
It seems that Pakistani tailors can't make jackets for people taller than 5'10". I ordered a 52L and it's a 52R. It should be at least an inch longer in the waist, more like 2"

Sherwood - US
Scottish officer Barathea wool SD cutaway tunic (2012-01-05)

Very good quality item. I take a size 50 and the jacked fit very well about the shoulders, but the skirts seemed too short, compared with period phootographs. I will order a 50L. Delivery was, as ussual, faultless.

Reynolds - US
Scottish Officer Barathea Wool SD (2011-11-19)
Quality of wool is excellent and the uniform fit just as I wanted. I ordered a regular length and it works great. the sleeves will have to be shortened as explained in the description, but otherwise it is spot on for an officer's SD cutaway.

Black - US
Scottish offier tunic (2011-10-18)
The quality is very good, very well built and the size is perfect to me.
Just a small negatif ppoint is the colour , a littel too green ( too darck ) my original is more clear
Veste de très belle qualité et bien réalisée, la taille correspond exactement, seul point négatif la teinte , un peu trop verte, foncée, par rapport aux originaux que je posséde , elle est vraiement foncée.
A recommender pour la reconstitution, mais pas pour la collection

good jacket (2011-10-05)
I received the 46L today. I am 5'' 11" tall and the length of the 46L is perfect. The material of the jacket is nice and it is well built and has a nice lining. The cut-away for the sporran is also at the correct angle. The only problem for me is that the holes for the cloth belt are too far down at the end by about 6 inches. My waist is maybe a 38 so the cloth belt might fit someone with a 44+ waist.

Jim - APO
i (2011-09-30)
the jacket can fit me will.

han - CN
nice jacket (2011-09-09)
These run a bit short. I sent back my 46 for a 46L. If you are of normal height or taller you should get the long version. The material is nice and the waist isn''t the giant tent size like a lot of the repro stuff here.

Jim - APO AE
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