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A rare reproduction. (2019-04-23)
Not often that you can get a good copy of an unusual item such as this. I’m a 42 chest and a 36 waist and the 42 fits snugly. If you want a more relaxed fit, go a size up. A classy look with pinks and as I purchased as a close out, a much cheaper option than the officers Ike jacket.

Richardson - UK
Not so commonly found... (2019-02-05)
I wanted the B-13 from the first time I saw it. I am a 46 and ordered one size larger...perhaps two sizes would have been optimal. The WPG version has nice lining and is well finished with minor cleanup. Not sure the button colors are accurate as i have never seen what they are supposed to be; I replaced mine. Ordered online and followed up with Jerry directly to upsize the jacket...i eventually received one from UAE and one from the CA location...and the larger size fit far better than my original choice...shipped back the other jacket and it was received yesterday.

Bonetti - US
US B-13 AAF Officer Flight Jacket (2018-06-17)
Nice jacket and well made. The epaulets on mine where over wide sized by almost an inch. The jacket size was small and arm length is short. It would be nice if they offered sleeve length or a long size. Overall really like the jacket make and style just needs tailoring.

Aragon - US
B-13 flight jacket---Size Matters.... (2018-02-14)
I love the jacket, but I may need to send it back owing to size issues....I should have gone for the size 50. But it's beautifully made, and looks almost exactly like originals which I've seen and handled (altho the red buttons are unfortunate). But as usual, WPG's item is first-rate.

Williams - US
Excellent product, even If I goofed.... (2018-02-01)
Your B-13 flight jacket is a beautiful product, and I'll wear it gladly--assuming I can get back on the diet/exercise program in time for an upcoming event. But it's NOT the jacket's fault!

Theodore - Oregon
B13 Fits Straight Out Of The Pack. (2017-12-20)
Fits great as received. On advice from WPG, I ordered a 46”. I’m 6’ , 200lbs with a 46” chest and a 36” waist.
Good quality with the only item I’m undecided about, the very red brown colour of the buttons.

Andy - UK
B13 looks right and fits well. Buttons are horrible color. (2017-03-21)
Love the jacket, but those reddish-brown buttons just about ruin it.

Sheley - US
B-13 (2014-12-25)
Very accurate and well tailored. For customers--I ordered Size 44 Regular. I am 5'7" and wear 17 inch shirt (collar size). I have a 36 inch waist. Size 44 fits well; however, for my size group, I recommend adjusting the waist buttons to give a bit more waist room. Also, recommend Velcro tabs or metal snap tabs to hold down the lapels. All in all, a very good job. Recommend researching WWII photos of GENs Arnold, Spaatz and Kepner to view the jacket.

Ridosh - US
B-13 Jacket (2014-02-10)
"I Love it!" Quality and fit. order two sizes larger as suggested. Great intermediate jacket that no one else wears in re-enacting. ORDER IT, you'll be glad you did. GS

South - BE
The Best Yet! (2013-08-19)
The B-13 Flight Jacket was easily the best item I received in my recent order. Not only was the colour, fabric and authenticity spot-on, but it even actually fitted straight out of the box! Well, almost - the sleeves were a little long but that's being fixed by my tailor. I ordered two sizes larger as advised on the WPG website and the chest and waist sizing was nigh perfect.

Even the shoulder-strap issue that I have criticised on every other WPG garment I have received wasn't present with this jacket (the X-stitched portions of the shoulder straps closest to the sleeves stitched down through the shoulders rather than being left open front and back to allow clutch-back badges of rank to be affixed without their pins having to pass right through to the inside of the garment) which proves that someone at the factory does know how it should be done.

This is a first class jacket that is a credit to WPG's reputation.

Hutchins - GB
B-13 Flight jacket... (2013-06-29)
VERY pleased with jacket, size, material and workmanship..except for one small problem with the right epaulet being too far forward..needs re-tailoring. Probably just on my jacket! Overall, excellent product. FAST service! Order two sizes up for proper fit. Thanks!

Dawson - US
US B-13 AAF Officer Flight Jacket (2013-05-23)
Very nice Jacket! I am very happy with mine. Do be sure to order two sizes larger than your normal just like they suggest.

Foose - US
US B-13 AAF Officer Flight Jacket (2013-04-24)
Very satisfied of this product . Good sizing if you follow the recommendations ( 2 sizes larger than a normal suit jacket )
Good value and quick delivery .
I recommand WPG

Delecolle - FR
US B-13 Flight Jacket (2013-02-06)
Just purchased the B-13 AAF Officer Flight Jacket and besides the fast shipping and racking service, the jacket is absolutly exceptional in every way. The color and material are perfect and the lining is throughout the interior, even under the epaulets. Very pleased with the fit. Do order two sizes larger than your suit jacket size. You''ll be glad you did.

Wayne - New Jersey, USA
US B-13 AAF Officer Flight Jacket (2012-10-04)
As always service was prompt and accurate. The material and pattern are perfect.

Johnson - US
B13 (2012-05-26)
Really good quality jacket & a nice fit. The service you get from these guys is A1.
Best regards

Gary - GB
US B-13 AAF Officer Flight Jacket (2012-05-08)
Excellent quality & service


South Africa

Quesnel - ZA
Mr (2012-03-19)
Thank you for your prompt service the B13 jacket is perfect & fits a treat. I will def buy from you again.

Meadows - GB
B 13 Flight Jacket (2012-03-15)
Hello WPG-Team,

what a nice jacket what a good condition. The delivery to Europe was so fast - today ordered -yesterday I´ve got.
Thank you for the fantastic article.

Hoecht - DE
Another great buy. (2012-01-19)
Looks and fits great. Thanks!

b-13 (2012-01-03)
Lovely bit of kit.

garner - GB
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