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Great Caps (2022-01-15)
I now own three WPG caps and all are well-made and an excellent value. I’ve replaced the cap badges with originals from WW2, but the ones that come with the caps aren’t too bad. The WPG Customer Service cannot be beat.

Martin - US
Great Repro and a size reminder (2021-04-03)
Received my hat today and am overall very happy with it. Shipping was extremely fast as well, took under 5 days to get here despite the Easter Holidays.

The construction is very nice, definitely a good reproduction, it will surely go well with my original Class A Khaki uniform.

A few points of note though.

-I fit comfortably into a size 57, they didn't have those. The smallest provided is a 7 1/4 (or size 58). I got one of those instead since original 58s tend to fit me okay enough.

These are built on the large side however and is almost unwearable (fits a bit loose on my head), the "58" fit my brother's 60+ head comfortably. Keep this in mind when ordering, if unsure (and they stock it) order a size down.

-Some may (as previous reviews stated) find the insignia unsatisfactory. They're a bit on the difficult side to remove though. I'd have appreciated it more of the cockade came detached. Would make the choice of using it or an original easier.

Diego - The Philippines
Great Cap (2021-02-22)
Great quality reproduction cap and very fast delivery.

Harkess - CA
Absolutely love it. (2018-04-28)
I absolutely love my new Khaki Summer Cap. I plan to use it for my 13th Air Force living history, but I believe it will become my regular every day cap minus the Officer eagle.

Russ - US
Great reproduction (2014-03-06)
A good replica cap added to my collection /display. Well made and fantastic delivery from vendor. I will be back.

Ayer - US
US officer Khaki SummerTropical Worsted Cap (2013-09-11)
I have no particular comment upon the item I ordered but I can say that the quality is the best and it is beyond all expectations

inadequate insignia (2013-05-19)
This would have been a 5 rating but the service cap insignia was of very poor and flimsey, not like the originals. Will replace with an original. Otherwise the cap matches my TWs and is very close to the original design. This has been the only regrettable flaw in my long history with WPG. I am the US Park Service "Living History" volunteer at the National WWII Memorial in Washington DC. If I am not authentic in my presentation, the WWII vets will let me know..... no complaints so far.

McCourt - US
Khaki USAAF service cap (2012-12-11)
Good quality repro, excellent materials. The only negative is that the gold chinstrap buttons on the sides are sewn on and look loose.
Otherwise a very nice cap.

thornton - US
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