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Excellent Quality (2023-05-30)
An excellent quality shirt at a fair price.
As always, the experience with WPG is top notch.
Good pricing, excellent quality, fast shipping…whats not to love?
Carry On!

Clarke - US
great shirt (2023-04-27)
Ordered one of these from the History Bunker as well. Took almost two months to get here and the material was more conducive to a dress shirt than combat gear. This shirt was ten times better and arrived in a fraction of the time. Yes, the button holes are a little tight as one reviewer mentioned. They loosen up with use though, so no real issue past the first or second wearing.

Donovan - US
Grey back Shirt (2022-09-16)
Great shirt, well made, fits good, very comfortable. Speedy delivery. Highly recommend. Jerry Lee couldn’t be nicer. Thanks!

Westerberg - US
Well Made Shirt (2022-03-26)
A very nice shirt. I am very satisfied with it. The neck was a little large - but that can be dealt with easily enough

Simmons - US
Good Repro (2022-01-06)
Good repro overall but the arms are inhumanly long and the button holes are too small for the buttons.
Nice thick soft wool that is very comfortable to wear.

Lewis - UK
Great Service (2021-10-25)
Really fast delivery. Although not quite made to the correct pattern, the shirt is made in nice thick wool flannel. Perfect for chilly nights.

Cowling - UK
Comfy and durable (2021-03-16)
This greyback is a very good replica and comfortable to wear. The only negative point in my mind is that the label looks quite out of place, but its a one minute job to remove so it's hardly an issue. As other reviewers have said, make sure to order two sizes larger than you would normally take.

Adams - UK
The usual fast delivery (2021-02-27)
As always, great product, fit was good although I ordered one size up because u liked the fit better.

Thorne - US
Excellent job (2020-12-26)
I've been piecing together a WW1 Highlander impression and WPG has been an excellent supplier of the uniform/Equipment that im looking for.
Orders are filled an shipped very quickly and I get my items within a week.
I highly recommend!

Marek - US
really nice shirt, am wearing it now! (2020-09-26)
Very fine and fast delivery

Isenhart - US
A fantastic reproduction (2020-07-16)
These grey backs really are a hidden gem! The material is excellent! SO much better than SoF. I recommend these to anyone getting into WWI. Only issue is that the sizes are a bit off so order them 2 sizes bigger than normal (if your chest is a 38,order a 42. I have tried and tested this method by ordering a 40 as well which I had to adjust the neck buttons on and it was slightly tight). The arms will be slightly long too so you might need to turn them up or get them tailored if you have short arms like me. Super fast deliver. UAE to UK in 2 days

Cottrell - UK
Quality item (2020-04-21)
Very satisfied with shirt. Thank you very much.

Grazioso - US
Great shirt, with one concern (2020-03-24)
This is a great shirt. It fits great around the body for sure and is true to size. The sleeve length is ridiculous though. It seems that these were made for apes or something. I am a very tall person with typically long arms and these still go two inches down my hand at least. I can't imagine what these would be like for a guy that's 5' 6" - 5' 11". They would probably cover your whole hand. Sleeve with is also quite large as well, but one can understand this because you don't know what thickness someones arms will be.

NIcely Done (2019-10-21)
This is a very nice shirt. Delivery was very fast. The shirt did have a bit of an odd smell but that went away after airing the shirt. All in all a fine experience.

Waldis - US
Total accurate (2019-10-10)
Vert amazing product!

Arnaud - FR
Fast delivery, quality product (2019-04-02)
Fast delivery, I like the past run better

Holder - US
Greyback shirt (2019-03-13)
The tailoring is impeccable. The delivery time is approaching the speed of light! The buttonholes are a bit snug. I wear a true size 36 tunic so ordered a size 36 shirt. It was tight thru the armholes and somewhat tricky getting on and off. In photos I've seen, greyback shirts seem a bit more baggy, and they will shrink even if washed in cold water. Go for the look and a size larger! Excellent quality shirt!

Grosvenor - US
Love these Shirts (2019-03-09)
The greyback shirts are fantastic, they look perfect, fit great and during a recent cold snap, they worked perfectly to help keep me warm. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

White - US
Greyback shirt (2019-02-26)
High quality reproduction well priced, fast delivery.

Sharp - US
Excellent (2018-12-26)
Got it
Very happy

Hoffman - US
Really impressed (2018-11-15)
Wow, what a nice shirt, let alone a reproduction! Can't say enough about the quality, weight and really nice flannel!
Great customer service, and shipping time.
Always satisfied with WPG!

Oram  - CA
Great value (2018-07-10)
Excellent shirt and delivery

Ulrich - UK
Accurate and stylish (2017-07-03)
I found the great wool shirt to be a very accurate reproduction of the original. IOF it was not for the diferance in the labels it would be museum quality.

It also looked good enough to be mistaken for the latest jipster fashions.

Neale - AU
Great (2017-06-20)
Nice fit and over all construction. Thanks

Land - CA
Great Shirt (2017-03-21)
Got my grey back the other day and I am very happy with it. It smells a bit funny but it fits fine and will look just great. I wear a 48 and ordered the same and it is a perfect fit. Fast shipping and a great product at a good price. What is there to complain about?

Robert - Colorado
great (2017-02-23)
really nice , very close to original

Trznadel - UK
Exceeded Expectations (2017-02-18)
A very comfortable and high quality shirt. I was genuinely impressed when I put it on at how comfortable it really is

Obrien - CA
Great service (2016-10-12)
Got the shirt in less than a week. Very well made, quite comfortable and looks great.

Woodland - CA
British Grayback Shirt (2016-07-14)
Well made, a nice shirt!

Emidio Britto - Brasília, Brasil
Quick Delivery, Tough Buttons (2016-05-31)
Arrived on time, fits very nicely apart from the top button wont go, the button holes themselves are rather small.

Damn well itchy too! lol

George - UK
livraison très rapide (2016-04-10)
très très bonne qualité merci beaucoup

UK Greyback shirt (2015-12-30)
Fits well and seems sturdy. Wore it for a weekend event comfortably.

Brent - Ohio, USA
Grey Shirt (2015-08-31)
Looks Great

Ryan - CA
UK Grey Wool Undershirt (2015-06-09)
Excellent product and perfect for the job as part of my overall WW1 New Zealand Mounted Rifles outfit.

Forbes - NZ
sturdy, impressive! (2014-12-09)
Just getting into living history and have been scrutinising what is available at numerous sites. I settled for WPG and this item is well above expectation in quality of material and manufacture, thankyou!

iain - Australia
Greyback shirt (2014-11-14)
The material, although not pure wool, is a good copy of original flannel. The button holes are rather small making it difficult to fasten them. PLEASE sew buttons on with more/stronger thread. Troops trying to get ready for Remembrance Day Pde and buttons came off when trying to push through holes. Otherwise we're happy.

Moll - CA
Good project, fast delivery (2014-10-14)
Bought as a museum display item for which it is excellent. The material, although not pure wool, is a good copy of original flannel. The button holes are rather small making it difficult to fasten them, otherwise we're happy.

Deathe - CYM
Shirt (2014-09-26)
Nice shirt. The button holes seem a little small though.

Smith - US
Good product (2014-09-16)
is as advertised - perfect for the job.

Quick - GB
good but ... (2014-08-18)
good product but the seam of buttonholes
seams are poorly made ...

Didier - FR
UK Greyback Shirt (New Run) (2014-08-10)
Top product, I will be ordering another with my next order
Regards, Ron.

Stehn - AU
WPG Greyback wool shirts x 2 (2014-08-03)
The Greybacks that I received were an excellent choice for my 1AIF Living History kit (Westralian Great war Living History Association, Inc).

The material is 100%wool, good quality, and of a lighter weight and correct fitting to what I had before. The buttons and white taping is in period.

Very happy and satisfied with the price and quality. I will see what other items will suit my soldier impression for further tweaking of my WW1 kit ....

Thanks WPG
Martin Gibbs

Gibbs - AU
UK Collarless shirt (2014-07-24)

Schofield - US
Greyback (WWI, British) (2014-07-19)
Good fit, excellent material - dense, lightweight wool weave. I believe the material will be quite durable. Experienced members of the group indicate that the collar is substandard compared to earlier models, it would have been preferable to retain the herringbone twill. In addition, check your buttons: in the first wear, the top collar button broke loose during bayonet drill.

For King and Empire - CA
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