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Not quite sure about this jacket (2019-09-20)
I'm a 44 chest and when buttoned up, a little tight. The sleeves are an inch too long, but I can have that tailored. The buttons are a little difficult to put through the holes. The colour is as described, but perhaps a camel or even olive green colour would be perfect. The lapels are not quite in fashion at the moment. I don't think this would work well with jeans, but perhaps blue, black or brown chinos. I would suggest you use it as a casual jacket and not wear it to the board meeting or wedding you had in mind. As what everybody else is said is true but just me, I am not 100% happy. Still, a good jacket.

Graham - AU
Vintage sportjacket (2015-09-07)
Fits very well to size with the exception that the sleeves are very long - I imagine anyone would need to have the sleeves shortened by at least 1" - otherwise a nicely made and distinctive item, expecially for the price.

Covais - US
Great period jacket (2015-08-20)
Great quality, price, and design. I will need to take it to a tailor to have the sleeves shortened and a few other alterations, I'm a 44 chest, 6 ft tall, and about 210. The leather "football buttons" are the real deal, even having the leather loop in the back rather than a bent staple of so many lesser quality leather buttons today.
If you're interested in making it a suit, the light weight Indiana Jones pants are a perfect match to the fabric and complement the styling. With the addition of some belt loops and a matching belt, this would make a great Norfolk Jacket!

Manny - Hawai'i
WPG Classic Jacket (2015-04-28)
Both stylish and durable, this garment would be welcome for any undress occasion. It should be a necessary part of one's travelling kit. The heavy-weight wool is the same as favoured by the U.S. Army for its officers during the Second War and before, so the jacket will put up with abuse and still be for use.

The size stated is the chest size delivered (in my example, a Regular size) and it is comfortable. The chest size is good for shirt or with the addition of a waist-coat or sleeve-less jumper. The pleated back shoulder allows for freedom of movement. The unvented skirt is properly long and the skirt pockets large and roomy. The sleeves are finished long and in a basic fashion, so should not prove difficult to tailor to one's correct length.

This is an excellent jacket, wearable in all but the stickiest of hot weather.

I recommend that it be offerred in other colours: a dark navy blue or the bright green of the Inter-War U.S. Army officer's uniform are two possibilities.

Frank - US
Absolutely PERFECT! (2015-03-18)
For me, this coat is absolutely perfect! We portray Volkssturm-Bataillon 3/330, and we're always on the lookout for period correct civilian clothes. Finding a blazer or suit coat usually involves getting lucky at a thrift store (if you're relatively skinny) or paying $400+ for a custom coat. To be able to get this coat for $120 is fantastic.

- The color is awesome; as the catalog states, its the same color as US officers' pinks. So if you wear the coat with shades of gray, it'll seem more silver. If you wear it with shades of brown, the coat seems tan.

- The lining is hand stitched.

- All the pockets are functional (most people probably wouldn't care, but for Volkssturm reenacting, that's a plus).

- The cuffs are non-functioning; so if you need the sleeves shortened, its an easy task.

- The size was dead-on. I bought my coat a size up, so I could wear a sweater under it. Worked out perfectly.

At the risk of sounding greedy: maybe offer future runs in a different color. I think the popularity of this coat will lead to a lot of reenactors looking alike.

Otto Hahn - Northern Illinois
WPG Classic Jacket (2015-03-15)
Great jacket shipped quickly from overseas. It's off to the cleaners for pressing - size is perfect. Thanks for offering this classy item!

Cregan - US
Aces (2015-03-11)
Perfect for casual or dressy. Splendid coat for re-enacting as well.

Thorington - US
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