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Excellent (2023-06-10)
This is a very well made item. It's nice to see WPG do Canadian specific kit.

Branko - CA
5 (2021-11-06)
Everything I ever could have hope for and beyond! It arrived very fast! Two thumbs up all the way around for this great haversack from WPG!

Finney - US
Quality! (2021-09-09)
I bought this item along with some of the other Oliver gear. The shipping was lightning fast and not only that but the quality of each product was truly astounding!

Donavon - ON, Canada
Quality Exceeded My Expectations (2020-08-19)
I am very impressed with the quality of this item. This haversack far exceeds the construction of haversacks I have ordered from Civil War Sutlers. Shipping was exceptionally fast. Great job WPG.

Payne - CA
Unique oppertunity to recreate history (2018-04-18)
Very rugged construction for outdoor use on the fields of reenactment campaigns of the British Empire. Multi use with internal dividers and longer carrying strap included, this is a worthy investment for any British Colonial Uniform.

Hanchett - US
Oliver Pattern Haversack (2016-06-26)
This is a great reproduction. It's practically a twin of my original. Certainly a brother. Thank you WPG for all this amazing Oliver Pattern equipment you have been producing

Tim - Canada
Very well made haversack! (2016-06-22)
This was better than I expected and worth the cost. It has a few interior pockets to keep your gear separated - which they do not show in the pictures - along with an extra longer shoulder strap for you tall fellows!

Freeman - US
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