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Good value (2021-06-17)
The boots arrived in less than a week which is pretty good for anything shipped to Alaska. I compared them side-by-side with an original pair in my collection and I was pretty impressed.

I usually wear a size 10, I ordered a size 10, and they fit like a size 10. They're made of good leather comparable in quality to the originals. The height and proportions are correct compared to the originals. The laces are almost indistinguishable from the originals. Major points for overall quality and accuracy. My son has the officer's version and their leather came with a sort of plastic-y finish but I didn't notice that on these.

I have a few admittedly minor quibbles, certainly nothing which would cause me not to recommend them, especially at the price. The stitching has a sort of "orangish" color to it which is easily seen. The holes in the straps were so small that I could hardly force the tongue of the buckles into them and I used a leather punch to re-punch all of them slightly larger. The original has a metal stiffener about 1/2" wide at the leading edge of the flap to reinforce and make it stay stay straight. The insert on the repros is about 2" wide and lies more over the front of the shin. I bent it lengthwise slightly to make it follow the contour of my leg and the fit improved. I broke them in by doing yard work in them and in a couple of hours they were quite comfortable.

I didn't give them five stars because compared to the originals they aren't perfect but nevertheless I heartily recommend them. I don't think you'll find better boots at the price, either for reenactment or for riding.

Kelton - United States
Great replica boot (2021-05-06)
I portray Col. Oscar Koch, who was the Third Army G-2 in WWII. Koch was a cavalry officer and most photos of him that show his feet and legs show him wearing the Officer's Cavalry boots and Breeches. I picked up a pair of these. I wear a 9-1/2 wide so I picked up a 10. The fit was a little snug around the foot width wise but satisfactory length wise. The uppers barely fit around my calves but again, was acceptable (the upper buckle was on the last hole, the others were one or two holes tighter). Overall a good boot. I applied a single later of brown kiwi polish and the boot took up a nice, russet brown color. The boot will only look better as I apply more layers of polish.

Coulter - US
Great boots for reenacting! (2020-05-26)
Got these boots. Very well made and am highly impressed

Stinson - US
fast delivery (2019-06-05)
I am very satisfied (quality, price delivery)

guenot - FR
WOW!!! (2018-12-02)
Great Boots!!!! Fit Fine... Well made....

Stiers - US
Good Tall Boots (2018-11-15)
The boots arrived super fast considering they shipped to me in Washington State from Dubai, but for $37.52 shipping I guess I would expect no less. The boots themselves are pretty awesome. They are true size 11s and fit me perfectly. Lots of compliments and they're one of the only tall boot options in between cheap Chinese riding boots and $700+ Dehners. Few minor imperfections like the holes on the straps are not exactly even so I can't have them all on the same holes on either foot, which is just an OCD issue, and a couple loose threads and some missed stitching on a small leather flap inside which I had to glue down. The soles are very soft leather which makes for a better grip than you would expect, but it also means they get chewed up pretty bad pretty fast. My last gripe is that I wish I would have looked at S.M. Wholesale directly, where I could have gotten the same boots for at least $30 cheaper. WPG is popular in my Indiana Jones groups though, so I didn't think of looking elsewhere till I had already ordered.

Buchanan - US
Great WPG Service & Boots (2018-02-07)
My pair arrived recently - and it was well worth the wait. The Boots are very good quality in the materials, stitching and finish. I intend to use these when riding, but haven't done so yet. The size is perfect, US 13 for UK 12 - no issues at all with internal space. Really pleased with the boots - Thanks to Jerry & Co.

Scott - Lancs, UK
US M1940 Mounted Service (Cavalry) Boots (2015-10-12)
Package received, very happy with the product.

Morris - US
Great boots, Packing could be better (2015-08-18)
The boots are fine, and definitely run true to size, my size 8's fit perfectly. I give the boots a 5, the packing a 3. Mine were shipped in an impossibly small box, and one of the toe caps was completely mashed in, A week stuffed with tissue and under pressure of a show tree and its less noticeable, but still a soft spot there. The hassle of shipping them back is too much, and since I plan on wearing and using them, I will accept it. I haven't stripped the spray on shine off of them, but may post an update with how that goes! The back-strap along the calf is a bit waffly, but i think that may get sorted from wearing them, LOADS of calf room in these for sure. For the price, well worth it, and I would buy again, they were shipped from UAE to my door in the USA in 3 days flat! I cant wait to mount my trusty Royal Enfield and break them in! - US
Fancy (2015-07-15)
Great boots, I wasn't sure what I would end up with, with that price. But they are quality and worth it.

Nick - US
US M1940 Mounted Service (Cavalry) Boots (2015-05-01)
Great boots. Fit like a glove. Thanks

Luse - US
Boots (2015-04-02)
Great boots polish well worth money

Glenn Tinley - Birmingham uk
Cavery boots (2015-03-29)
Great boots made well polish well worth money

All best to WPG

Tinley - UK
boots (2015-03-28)
best ,for price. friend has a pair . were also similar enough to 3 buckle field boot that patton wore . they I believe prior to WW1 . you can get custom ones through Denham boot company but hey I spent like $800+ for mine

Glenn - Modesto Ca, USA
Great boots (2015-01-17)
Bought a pair fairly sceptical at the price vs quality, and have been completely surprised. You can strip the finish or just wear them to take it off, but with proper leather boot care these boots always come back to an outstanding finish. Very comfortable as well. Ordered a size larger than my normal size after reading reviews and mine fit perfectly. I am very pleased with these boots. They look sharp, and serve my purposes excellently (I'm definitely not in a horse mounted cavalry regiment, thats for sure)

Neil - CA
US M1940 Mounted Service Boots (2015-01-14)
Once I stripped the factory finish off and took a buffing brush to the boots they took on a high gloss brush shine and looks sharp, no need to spit shine, the break in period was only a few days of wear and they are actually more comfortable than my modern day work boots. I had to wait a couple of years to finally get a pair due to WPG running out and waiting on a resupply but it was well worth the wait. Sometimes especially in this case it is well worth the wait, all my buddies in my Tank unit love em, Thanks WPG!!!

Michael J. Ditto - Texas, USA
Cavalry boots (2014-12-08)
Very nice boots, Only 7 days to receive them.
Quick delivery.
***** service !

Meuwis - BELGIUM
cab boots (2014-09-04)
They came in just great on dhl. Only gripe I had was the top clasp on one boot was sewn on backwards. I had to cut it off and have it resewn on. It was sent out wrong and the person that put the strap on knew it was wrong.

Incredible bargain (2013-09-07)
Boots arrived today. Lucky I wear size 14s and am pigeon toed. Little help from Dr Scholls and these are outstanding right out of the box. Jerry has yet to let me down on anything bought here. Great Boots!!!!

Dave - Petersburg VA
boots (2012-02-17)
Received today,good quality item and fast delivery,1st class.
Thank you

Mark - England
Boot finish/question (2011-03-30)
Nice boots. I found that hard rubbing with isopropyl acohol removes the "plastic finish" . They can then take a very nice shine with leather cream polish.
There is a small leather flap with on hole on the INSIDE of the upper leg part. Any idea what it is for ?

JF - Ontario / Canada
Patton Cavalry Boots (2011-03-13)
Just received the boots today. I'm very impressed with the quality and look of these boots. I'm very happy with all my purchases from WPG. Great service, great quality, great service. Thanks

Firkins - US
comments (2011-02-25)
good quality and good leather. Perhaps the sizes are a little too large but if you put an shoe insole is good. Great service ! thanks !

Waiglein - IT
M1940 Boots (2011-02-14)
Revising my previous comment on these boots after owning and uising them for nearly three years. They have held up well to fairly hard service and lost that plastic look and texture. They now look much more the real deal than when they were new. A couple of years saddle soap and boot polish have worked wonders. In fairness, I''m not the first to refer to them, when new, as "plastic 3-strappers". One needs patience and polish!

Jon - Ireland
Mr (2010-11-10)
Nice boots, well made and look good. Ordered a pair in my regular size and found they were a little large, problem sorted with a shoe insole.
The boots are definately leather (sorry Jon!), the 'vinyl' look is from the protective coating the boots are covered in. I'm not sure what it is, but have had it on other footwear and it does come off eventually should you wish.
This is my third item from WPG and I received great service again. Very happy, Thanks.

Richard - England
Officer's Cavalry Boots (2010-05-27)
Fabulous quality. There was a minor problem which Jerry was willing correct on the spot. Well done!

Rollandi - US
Fits the bill (2009-12-04)
The boots are well made and wear well. I ordered a pair in my regular boot size and found they were too tight, so I asked if they would exchange for a size larger. WPG had no problem making the exchange. The new pair fit much better now. By the way, my boots are made of leather. I don''t know what Jon expected in Ireland.

Ron - Alabama USA
Best boots for riding (2009-08-20)
I have used these boots for two semesters in the Kirkwood Community College (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) Horse Science program. They stood up to all the muck and mud the padocks had to offer. Cleaned up they were spiffy enough to wear all over town.

Even when I was mired to mid-calf in soft ground the boots stayed on and protected by feet and legs. The support prevented a twisted ankle or worse. I''m looking forward to many more years of service from these stylish boots!

Eve - Coralville, IOwa
Good (2009-01-05)
Good Item

Rossi - ITALY
M1940 Cav Boots (2008-01-28)
I found these boots fiited the spec very well, except in one important respect. When I read "all leather" I take that to mean cow-hide, however processed. These boots appear to be vinyl, or some other sort of plastic. Otherwise, they are excellent, inluding accurate sizing.

Jon - Cork, Ireland
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