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Nice! (2023-04-08)
Just the thing to complete my program.

Dunigan - US
US Gas Mask (2022-01-19)
A hard item to make, but you guys did a great job. The jute used should have been cord. Too bad they don’t have the service cards with them, but I know a site that does.

LCDR Hobie - Ma
Great reproduction...but (2021-10-08)
It is a excellent reproduction and it fits very well. It is made very well. With one exception. It leaks charcoal. The entire inside of the mask was covered in charcoal dust and in my opinion you couldn't wear this for any type of re-enacting or any other purpose if you wanted to. You don't want to breathe in charcoal dust. Since this would never be used in a realistic scenario there's no reason to put charcoal in the filter.

Boone - US
Great with some downsides (2020-11-14)
The gasmask quality feels great and fits perfectly but, there is a reproduced inside with most of the holes you breath through (on the canister) painted over. I have not tried to breath through this mask yet because its leaks a lot of charcoal with not even a large tap and I'm pretty sure breathing in charcoal is not the safest thing. The interior of the gasmask is pretty good but its smeared with charcoal all over the nose, mouth piece and even the mask itself so even sticking a hand on the sides will just get charcoal all over you, I do not recommend breathing through this unless there is no charcoal.

Steph - United States
Good quality (2020-10-27)
Very close to originals I have seen in real life and online. Fits good and looks good.

John V - US
Rather Impressed (2020-10-11)
I am happy with this mask. I was not expecting the filter to be reproduced internally as well and was surprised when I found charcoal dust around it. I did not intend to actually wear it but knowing that it had a somewhat function filter, I tried to wear it around the house. The filter is almost impossible to breath through and I'm not sure if that is just how they are or if its clogged up by the yellow spray-paint that covers it.

Taylor - US
US Army Corrected English Model Gas Mask Respirator and Bag (2020-09-30)
This is a fantastic reproduction of the WWI gas mask. I have a couple originals and feel WPG nailed it!

Reed - US
quality item (2020-09-15)
Thank you very much fast delivery

Grazioso - US
So happy I finally have one. (2020-04-29)
I was wearing an original bag for parades and events, but it was starting to get more threadbare. I feel more complete as a doughboy now. Now I have a well made big brother to the M2 mask I bought from WPG last year.

Hillring - US
Very pleased indeed (2019-10-19)
Just love the construction and authenticity of the mask. Really enjoy wearing it.

Buncher - US
Gas Mask (2019-08-18)
I was very impressed. fast shipping! I will give a demonstration with it this weekend. if you do US ww1 You need it.

Bill - Missouri
Excellent Repro (2019-05-04)
Great reproduction of the US Army SBR gas mask. Looks and feels very close to originals. Some details are not reproduced exactly or are omitted, but I applaud the accomplishments here. This set includes the bag with strap and cord tie, the mask, hose, filter canister and wire base that the filter sits atop. Not included is the string with booklet to track use of the mask and the small anti dimming stick tin. On any future changes or updates I would suggest WPG use the material from canteen covers for the gas mask bags, as the material used seems lighter in weight (at least the originals that I have seen). Great item, quick shipping.

Mark - US
Very fast ship, nice repro (2018-08-24)
The strap system is a little different than an original that I own, but I have not seen every manufacturing variation of these masks. Very usable and accurate reproduction to show how the mask was used with mouthpiece and nose pincher.

Goff - US
Great Service (2018-06-04)
Very happy with item and fast service.

Wahab  - US
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