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As described (2023-05-16)
Thing arrived super fast, WOW!

I was nervous because it was so cheap but the belt is quite nice. Very impressed!

Barnhard - US
A Fantastic Bit of Kit (2022-03-28)
The pistol belt is of superb quality and exactly as described. It looks like you folks used a time machine to go get it! Also, the shipping was surprisingly fast. I will definitely spend more money with WPG.

Baker - US
Very fast delivery (2021-08-18)
Nice belt

Konitsky - US
Great service (2021-07-04)
Great service every time I order something from this place they’ve always done a good job with delivery and getting the correct item

Fast delivery. (2021-02-18)
No complaints as to quality.

Meyer - US
Pistol belt (2015-01-11)
Good quality, nice color

engels - BE
US M1936 Pistol Belts (2014-09-29)
Thanks, perfect.

Schuch - DE
Pistol Belt (2014-09-21)
Exact item thanks

Van - US
M-1936 pistol belt (2014-05-22)
The belt is very well made! It is virtually indistinguishable from an original in good shape. I have a 42" waist and the XL fits fine with some extra belt. Well done!

Reichard - US
M1936 pistol belt (XL) (2014-05-22)
Belt is well made and virtually indistinguishable from an original in good shape. I have a 42 " waist and there is plenty of extra belt if I needed it. Well done!

Reichard - US
pistol belt (2014-05-21)
great belt

Toomer - US
US M1936 Pistol Belts (2014-04-15)
la repro es muy buena, la coloración es mejor, no tan amarillenta como otras repros

casariego-ramrez - ES
pistol belt (2014-01-14)
I really like the reproduction it is worth the money but the paint could be a little better but love it!

shermetaro - US
Web belt (2013-09-02)
Had to adjust the belt. Color is great looks like some originals . But when you connected the metal parts together the paint falls off. Hopefully they need to fix the paint job on this. But great belt . Paint needs work.

PrejeanJ - US
US M1936 Pistol Belt (2013-07-10)
Fantastic look and it fits! fast shipping and high quality service as usual! The belt keepers seem to be wider, which makes them easier to slide. I agree that the buckle needs some attention as it loses paint immediately that it is used.

Ballment - AU
Great belt (2013-05-13)
I have heard a lot of people say that field gear from WPG should be avoided. This might have been true in the past, but the M36 belt I received was great. All of the eyelets were strong. The fabric is the right shade of OD#3. It feels like a sturdy belt. I would buy another one.

US M1936 Pistol Belt (2013-03-27)
Very nice quality pistol belts and a good value too.

Senzig - US
Fantastic! (2012-09-20)
Great item at a great price. Like the real thing.

Peter - MA USA
belt (2012-08-17)
looks great can't wait to use it next weekend.

Rash - US
m1939 pistol belt (2012-08-08)
Excellent customer service with fast delivery. Belt looks just like my original. Excellent webbing material, construction and quality.....very satisified with my purchase

Edward Jividen - Cleveland,Ohio USA
CWHMuseum (2012-07-16)
Fits very nicely, and builds well any way you want.

Mclean - CA
Great Pistol Belt (2012-06-20)
I'm very pleased. Great customer service. Super Fast Shipping.

Hanke - US
size matters (2012-06-16)
i wear a 38 in pants. and the large belt was on its last notch. the xl is the way to go. gives you that extra room for coat and what ever and you can find what ever in the middle you may need.

Pegis - US
Pistol Belt (2012-05-24)
I can overlook the minor flaws as I'm sure the originals were rife with flaws like this or even worse -- bottom line, great product as always.

Steve - US
Program Mgr (2012-05-19)
Great service. Paint chipped off buckle first time I put it together. Other than that it is everything it was advertised to be.

Jones - US
pistol belt (2012-05-01)
well, i wear a 38 inch waist and i ordered the large size belt. it fits, but i had to extend it all the way. I am really pleased with the quality and everything about it is great, really really happy with it.

Pegis - US
Belt (2012-04-22)
Very good quality and fast shipping. Just what I was looking for!!

Leefmans - NL
John Cook (2012-04-12)
The belt it's self is high quality but had difficulty engaging buckle.

Cook - US
pistol belt (2012-04-03)
It is an excellent reproduction. In fact, I like it better than the original. As the last review states, it is easier to work with, because it is far easier to adjust.

Pauley - US
Good reproduction (2012-01-22)
The paint on the buckle chips off easily, the reset of the belt is good quality.

Morrison - US
Web belt and 45 ammo pouch 1911 (2012-01-19)
The best on line expeience I have ever had. Thank you. Great merchandise and the tracking is fantastic. Thank you.

tracy - US
M1936 Pistol Belt (2011-06-19)
This is a very nice product in two sizes, one especially for those of us that like food. They look correct, impliments hang correctly from the belt and attach with ease.
The buckle needs some attention to be 100% accurate to the original. But that would be easy to do if another run of the M1936 takes place.

Hergert - US
Excellent! (2011-06-16)
Best reproduction I've seen!

Del - IT
US M1936 Pistol Belts (2011-06-01)
A fantastic reproduction, good colour match and solid feel to webbing ...quality reproduction

Groenendyk - AU
All ok (2011-04-21)
All perfect, thank you

Aguilera - ES
US M1936 Pistol Belts (2011-04-20)
The belt is prety nice. The smaller eyelets aren't installed that well and will fall out with a fair amount of use. The magazine button is too larger and doesn't secure the magazine pouch in place.

Bruce - US
As expected. (2011-04-18)
A good item and great service.

Cook - US
Great belt, but (2011-03-26)
Great belt, webbing is fantastic, but on its first outing, the buckle snapped in half. Upon inspection, i could break the metal buckle with two fingers and very little effort. Other than that, fantastic repro. Refitted new buckle.

Adrian - New Zealand
M1936 pistol belt (2011-03-22)
Once again, WPG has just what I need at a good price.

Terry - US
Mr (2011-03-15)
This is the third pistol belt that I have ordered and all other have been perfect. This last one the T clasp would not slid over the connecting opening.

Herrington - US
US M1936 Pistol Belt (2011-03-06)
Not up to par with an original; but still a pretty good product.

Janusz - US
Really tight (2011-02-08)
The belt buckles didnt want to slip in together. Will need to shave off some metal to "devirginize" it. Rest of the belt was ok

Noy - Philippines
1936 Web Belt (2011-02-07)
Excellent, fast service and well made product.

Mable - US
Perfect! (2011-01-15)
Beautiful, nothing more to add!

Boisseau - CA
us m1936 pistol belt (2010-12-12)
It is so good that I cannot tell it apart from my originals.

Brody - US
Great (2010-10-08)
wow i loved this product great i like the great color and the feel of it thank WPG

Wight - Canada
M1936 Pistol Belt (2010-10-08)

Nice thick webbing,unfortunatly 2 of the eyelets that the held the pistol holster started to tear through and needeed reinforcing.

Klau - AU
Mr (2010-08-18)
Very nice and really fast shipping

Lorenz - US
Much improved (2010-07-26)
These belts are much improved over previous reproductions. Thicker material and better grommeting.

Joe N. - NY, USA
Reno (2010-06-30)
AWESOME! I have an original and your belt is a great reproduction. I do agree with some of the other comments the black paint on the buckle does chip. So what. My original is worn down to the brass. Still a great product. The shipping must be by 747 from UAE to my door. Fast!
Thanks WPG.

Herrington - US
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