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Great product (2021-10-26)
Product was great, goes well with the gear my son received last year. The only downside is that the Mussett Bag did not come with the strap bag. Makes it a bit difficult to attach to uniform

Jarquin  - US
Holds Up Well in Challenging Long-Range March (2019-02-27)
6 years ago I bought this bag to use with my reproduction New Mexico National Guard 200th Coast Artillery uniform - April 9, 1942, Surrender Day, Bataan. I use it each year in the Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sands Missile Range. For a grueling 26.2-mile walking marathon, the bag has help up beautifully

Mike - New Mexico/U.S.
U.S. Army WWII Musette Bag First Pattern (2018-08-08)
Quality of canvas and metal buckles is good. Snaps are a little on the flimsy side. Very roomy compartments. Much larger than a USMC haversack or knapsack. The only problem that I had was that you are out of the carrying straps. Your competitor gives the strap free with the bag. Something to consider.

Speer - US
Mr (2013-11-30)
Looks real good. Webbing is just like original.
Great Job WPG!

Huelle - US
US Musette Bags Feedback (2013-11-14)
pleased with the bag

Lee - HK
Very nice bag! (2013-08-04)
Great bag for the price, great quality, and once again incredibly fast shipping from the UAE warehouse!

Schmidt - DE
Mr (2012-09-19)
Very well made, works with what I've put together.

Mclean - CA
Musette Bag (2012-09-10)
Simply the best on the market. WPG nails it again. Fast 3 day shipping to southern Europe.

Rubio - ES
amazing (2012-05-01)
great pack, great price. its really well made.

Pegis - US
Great... (2012-05-01)
Perfect condition, and precisely what I expected when I ordered.

Pauley - US
Musette Bag (2011-11-13)
very satisfied with the bag.

Strahl - US
Mr (2011-04-28)
bag colour etc Ok .canvas is a little lighter in weight than some I have seen on the market. could beef up the canvas weight. as a musette they are faithful to original & ok in other respects

Brown - GB
mussette bag (2011-02-16)
Fantastic item, a must

moore - US
US Musette Bay (2011-01-08)
I am very pleased with the quality of the bag.

Cooper - US
Musette bag (2010-12-05)
Great piece of gear.Handy for holding plenty of smaller kit. Service ,again A1.

Brenton - AU
Good stuff. (2010-10-15)
Very pleased, nice bag.

Burton - US
great (2010-10-08)
Am very pleased with this product nicely made if you want a musette bag get this one u will love it

Wight - Canada
i use it everyday (2010-03-06)
great useful durable just what i wanted

zarilla - US
Musette Bag (2009-11-17)
very nice bag

Strahl - US
Very pleased (2009-11-17)
Very nice bag. Color matched the rest of my gear extremely well. Just need to dirty it up a bit. :) Thank you.

Kaiser - US
M1936 Musette Bag (2009-11-04)
Excellent Bag just like the origional I have correct in every detail.

Alderson - US
Great bag! (2009-07-19)
i am very happy with this bag, and everything else i have ordered from WPG. I look forward to purchasing more items from you!

Heath - US
Bag Field, M1936 (2009-03-31)
Except that it is obviously new, I can see no difference between this and an original issue product.

Holford - IRELAND
musette bag (2009-01-08)
Love it!

Small - US
Very Nice Bag (2008-12-25)
Very well made Musette Bag, blends well with the rest of my web gear. Well crafted too.

Don - Florida USA
Musette Bag (2008-10-17)
Very nice bag, no issues other than would have liked a WPG makers mark on the back.

Bolli - CANADA
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