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US GI flashlight (2023-10-29)
great reproduction! will definitely add to my kit as far authenticity, works great too! glad I could find a WW2 flashlight, kind of a hard item to get for repros. thanks WPG.

leno - US
Fast (2021-11-02)
Great flashlight

Pace - US
Nice (2020-07-28)
Great display piece!

Brimecombe - US
Perfect (2020-03-23)
Always fast shipping and great product. Thank you!!

Bowman - US
Good reproduction (2018-09-17)
Black rubber band that serves for waterproofing can be lost when changing batteries. Plastic casing and button. Looks good but hope button will last. Lighting works fine. Has two lenses: blue and transparent. Would have hoped to get red lens instead of blue. Not sure if original had more than two. Overall, I'm happy with this product so far.

Gomez - CA
Love it!!! (2018-07-25)
Looks identical to my "real one" Love it!

Troche - US
A little Shiney but really nice!!! (2018-07-25)
Nice material, seems pretty rugged and of good quality, it has a sheen to it that I wxpect will go away. All in all I love it!!!

Troche - US
Good product delivered on time. (2018-04-03)
Looks perfect and functions as described.

Simon - US
TL-112B (2017-11-18)
Doe anyone else even make a TL-122B repro? Seriously though a very nice replica. Mine had the funky switch that wouldn't move. I unsrcrewed it fiddled with the contacts. Also had to add a couple of little washer under the switch screws so the switch would fit tight and not wobble. Hence the 4 star rating.

Joe - CA/USA
Excellent (2016-11-18)
Excellent flashlight, works wonderfully.

R. Helman - US
TL-122B (2015-06-27)
Really good reproduction

Daniel - PL
US GI Flashlights TL-122B (2015-03-30)
As previously noted, I had to fix the switch.

As also noted previously, a red lens option would be excellent.

But all in all a fine reproduction.

Craig - US
FLASH LIGHT (2015-01-11)

engels - BE
Flashlight (2014-08-07)
I immediately put batteries in because of comments I read about the switch. Not one problem. Worked like a charm. Very good quality. I will definitely order from WPG again. I have never had one issue.

Punt - US
Mr (2014-07-23)
Excellent and quick delivery follow-up of ordered goods. Als have a small issue with contacts but will manage to get it working properly soon. Nice reproduction and it's cool there is a replacement glass added.

Vandersloten - BE
US GI Flashlights TL-122B (2013-01-05)
Nice reproduction. Didn't come with a red filter, which I was expecting, but sorted that out myself.

Nurden - ZA
TL-122-B (2012-11-09)
Another wonderful reproduction from WPG. Works wonderfully and is ready for years of good use.

Phipps - US
FLASHLIGHT (2012-08-30)

mastropolo - US
TL-122B Flashlight (2012-06-16)
This is a very nice flashlight seems to be built pretty good. THANKS WPG.

TL-122-B Flashlight (2012-02-21)
Very cool! It works, and is made as nice as any military flashlight that I've ever one.....or two......or.....

crahen - US
well worth the price (2011-07-27)
Had a small issue with the contacts at first but managed to get working. Works good

Chapman - US
Mr (2011-07-20)
Well price,even with delivery it was better priced than over here. Slight issue with the contacts on the switch but that was soon fixed and one of the screws needed re-threading but on the whole a good piece.

Pointer - GB
Thank you (2011-07-14)
Great product. Thank you.

Fine Reproduction (2011-06-24)
Looks great, just like the originals I''ve seen. It''s not the brightest lights, being only a 2-cell light, but works quite well and is still great for nighttime use (the only time you need a flashlight anyway). Fast shipping, fine communication, great service! Thanks, WPG!

Aaron - NC, USA
US GI Flashlights TL-122B (2011-03-31)
Great reproduction

Anisimov - RU
Good Repro Good Price (2010-12-05)
I''d say it reproduces almost perfectly the first "B" model (for those who could dislike the quality of plastic material, rest assured that the originals weren''t better).
Not tested yet, but it''s so a simple device that there''s nothing wrong which couldn''t be easily fixed if not working properly.
I don''t like the WPG signature on the bottom, but I have to say that in the case of TL-122B it has the glance of a period marking (not at closer inspection, obviously)
I''m satisfied with it, You can carry it around the battlefield without mercilessly ruin a precious original, which is the purpose.

Lazzaro - Italy
torche electrique TL 122 (2010-11-15)
Hello, delivery hyper rapids(express) of the seriousness, the trés beautiful reproduction TL122,
Still thank you, great the site.
Mr arduin:-))))

Good (2010-06-10)
really good reproduction had a minor problem with selector switch but it was an easy fix

Dylewski - US
it works.....most of the time. Mr. Customs Agent nearly stripped the threads after making sure it was indeed a flashlight and the spare lens was shattered.

Sabia - US
Flashlight review (2010-05-11)
Looks good, functions fine.

Woodard - US
Tl-122B (2010-04-15)
Looks great. Couldn't wait to pop the batteries in.

Schober - US
USGI Flash Light (WWII plastic) (2010-03-05)
Sir, the Flash Light was as quoted, the quality is good. Had a small problem with the contacts at first but a little TLC took care of it. Something I could not say about my original.

Dabney - US
US GI Flashlights TL-122B (2010-03-04)
Great price and it looks good.

Cassar - CA
Looks like the real thing - only newer. (2010-01-28)
After I beat it up a bit, it will go very nicely with the WWII 442nd/100th RCT uniform display.

Ebesugawa - US
Great Flashlights (2007-12-07)
I bought the combo set for my son and I. Both lights are well made and very functional. Highly recommended.

Larry - Kentucky
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