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Great item & fast delivery to UK (2023-02-21)
I have two pairs of original 68 Pattern trousers, neither of which are in a size that will fit my middle aged circumference!

The WPG reproduction overall is excellent. Colours are very close to the original early 68 Pattern items I have and will only improve with washing and sun fade. Details wise I've noted the leg pocket flaps and square in cut wheras my originals are rounded as per the WPG repro 60 Pattern. The waist tabs are square cut, where regarding my originals one pair is square cut while the other is a pointed arrow shaped cut. Simply something that would be slightly different depending on which contractor produced that individual item.

I wore the trousers for the first time during a 12 mile walk while training for a charity event in which along with a friend we will be walking 25 miles to raise money for a UK veteran's charity while wearing Cold War British uniform and 58 Pattern webbing. The trousers worn in conjunction with UK issue trouser braces were incredibly comfortable. I had one trouser leg button start to come loose but sorted with a needle & thread in a minute.

With finding genuine 68 Pattern uniform in middle range sizes almost impossible these days the WPG reproduction DPM options are a godsend. Well done all at WPG.

Marc - United Kingdom
Outstanding delivery (2022-05-08)
The DPM trousers are perfect. Weight, fit, looks.
Great job guys.

Simmons - US
Amazed (2021-11-24)
Very well made, and authentic. Just like originals. Ordered a size up to compensate for shrinkage. Fit is great. Love the 68 DPM pattern. And in large North American sizes. Well done.

Armbruster - US
FAST DELIVERY (2021-11-14)
Fast delivery and just what I have been looking!!

McCaugherty - US
fantastic (2021-11-05)
amazing made combats just like my origonanal the material is perfect not cutting the lining out keeping them as is go great with my dms boots and putties or NI high legs

Simpson - UK
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