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68 pattern reproduction (2023-06-26)
Absolutely thrilled with the quality, detail and dedication to make them exactly to the originals.

Never knew reproduction of this pattern existed. Will definitely be ordering more soon.

Top work chaps! Crack on!

Hinds - UK
Sooner fast delivery (2023-04-12)
From order to delivery in a few days! Jacket and trousers are very well made, The DPMs colours could be a little darker, however if you're not soldier size play airsoft ect these are perfect 👌

Andy P - UK
Very good quality (2023-03-25)
I am very impressed with the quality of the jacket and trousers. True to the original.

Kleven - NO
Excellent (2022-10-17)
my Order arrived a view days before!
It's absolute perfect!

Irmer - DE
Well Done (2022-04-16)
Long overdue from the market, this set is spot on. Very well constructed and the camo print is correct. Only problem was a couple missing buttons on the waistband but this was easily remedied. Glad that WPG decided to produce these.

Ellifritt - US
Another awesome product by WPG (2022-03-01)
DPM has to be one of my favorite camouflage patterns and I was so thrilled to receive this set. Whereas we are at the tail end of winter here in Las Vegas, I’ve been using the smock daily as a jacket and couldn’t be happier with it. I can’t wait to really break it in at the mountain! As noted, please measure yourself before purchasing. I am a 45” chest and 39” waist so 46-Long and 40 were it for me. The pants and smock fit as if they were tailor made for me

Daniel - Nevada
Excellent product and fast delivery (2022-01-17)
Just what I have been seeking for a long time.
Just like the original pattern smock and trousers I was issued with back in '73. Excellent well done.

Punter - UK
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