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GI gloves (2010-03-04)
Great replicas, just run a little large. About one size up roughly. Perfect otherwise.

Martin - GB
reveiw (2010-02-18)
I think all of your products are great. I'm not a re-enactor just a guy who was in the Army for 15 years. Just b/c the designs and equipment is of old style specs. doesn't mean it doesn't work. I prefer wool for hunting and duck canvas for durability. Thank Huck Gray

Gray - US
US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2010-02-10)
Ottima riproduzione! Velocissimo nelle comunicazione e nella spedizione. Venditore serio e professionale. Consigliato!

Grazie di tutto.

Tito - IT
gloves (2010-01-06)
These are great quality heavy duty glove.

Schober - US
US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2009-12-31)
This is a great item for the cost. I have compare with the real mccoy and they are a spot-on match. Very happy with this purchase.

Wilson - US
Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2009-12-17)
Good looking gloves. A little large, but VERY nice.

Winder - US
Big (2009-12-13)
I agree with some others - they run big but with
wool gloves underneath it works.

Schatull - DE
Gloves (2009-11-17)
Fast delivery as usually.
The gloves are compare with my originally ones are a little bit green.
The leather and the material is exactly as the original one. My wife will use the gloves during the 65th celebration of the battle of bulge this year.

Moeller - DE
Wool Gloves (2009-11-17)
I ordered my regular size "9 1/2" and they were really big. Probably a good idea to make a note that they run big so that knitted inserts can be worn. I returned them for size 8 1/2 and they fit good. I probably won't wear any inserts but there is still enough room if I choose to.

Speer - US
thanks again (2009-11-13)
fastshipping awsome work gloves are perfect thanks again

Smth - US
US GI Gloves (2009-11-11)
As always great service,but I cold´nt (without force) get my hands into them!I wear Size 9 and the "throat" was probably 8, but with a little water they will work!!


Jonlid - SE
Better Than the last run. (2009-10-26)
Better Than the last run. But size could be improved on. They run Big.

Rob - US
US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2009-09-16)
Great Item shipped fast!

Carney - US
US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2009-08-08)
I found the quality of the gloves to be in the best rating. I will have to put them to the GI test and find out how they hold up under working conditions. I also used knited OD gloves as an insert and at first they are tight and need some breaking. Thanks

Wiegand - US
wool gloves (2009-08-08)
For acost of $18.00 they are very high quality gloves.they also are largely cut.I love the color.I would recommend this item

Rochester - US
Gloves (2009-07-29)
These gloves are the best!

Savoie - US
Very nice (2009-07-18)
But huge! Size 9 is probably civilian 11. Might work with knitted gloves underneath.
Is a bit bummed though. 5 mm of seam has been missed on one finger. Not worth returning, but still a bummer.

John Epson - SE
wool gloves (2009-07-04)
Fit and feel just right and the service and delivery is second to none

wade - GB
Got the right size! (2009-07-03)
I ordered a pair each of the next two sizes down and found that the 9 1/2 is the perfect fit when worn over the UK knit gloves. I'm looking forward to trying them out the next time I'm somewhere really cold, but I can tell they are going to be far better than the modern synthetic stuff. Well done WPG!

Griffiths - AU
Great gloves but too big! (2009-06-21)
These are really good gloves. Tough, well made; make great outer gloves if you combine them with the WPG UK Knit Wool Gloves, particularly for alpine conditions.

The dense wool felt keeps the wind out and the leather palms are prefect for rope work, tool usage etc. Much better quality and materials than the modern ones I bought recently.

Only thing is that I ordered the largest size because 1. I've always found gloves are too small for me and 2. I was intending to put them over the top of the UK Knit Wool Gloves.

But these gloves are huge! Even with the UK gloves underneath them, I still have about 0.5cm at the end of each finger-tip.

I'm impressed; I've never found a glove that's been too big for me before. WPG are to be congratulated on making sizes that are what they are supposed to be, and offering those sizes in a wide range.

I'll be buying a couple more pairs of smaller sizes to make sure I get the perfect fit!

Griffiths - AU
great (2009-05-06)
All items received and exceeded expectations. Thank you for your usual great service....

shook - US
leather palms (2009-04-26)
good +++++++++++ ok

Luciano - IT
GI gloves (2009-04-10)
very good repro and fast shipment ! Top of the bill from WPG like usual...

US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2009-04-05)
Nice Gloves - they held up and kept me warm through a "living history workday" at Ft. Hancock NJ - chopping down trees and moving material.

Welch - US
Wow (2009-04-01)
Wonderful stuff and service......

Staines - US
US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2008-12-30)
The gloves are of great quality and resemble the tattered pair of originals that I have in my collection.

Kegel - US
Gloves (2008-12-15)
Nice and warm gloves I didn't find over here in Europe.

Merker - Luxembourg
US GI Gloves, Wool with Leather Palms (2008-11-27)

Look good... (2008-03-08)
They look really nice, but I have had a real problem with the leather palms separating from the wool at the edges of the fingers. A few swipes with some thread fixed it, but I bet I will end up mending all the fingers before the whole thing is over.

Matthew - Denver
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