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UK RAF Scarf (Ascot) (2010-12-11)
Qucik delivery (7 days from Dubai to California), well made and a classic addition to the Battle Of Britain kit..."A flight; SCRAMBLE!"

Kevin - California, USA
Ascot scarf (2010-08-26)
Excellent item. Nice Quality and superfast delivery. Many thanks

Hunt - GB
Ascot scarf (2010-08-10)
What can I say? Chocks away! Excellent item.

Ketchin - GB
Ascot scarf (2010-08-05)
Great item fast delivery

wilson - CA
A great value (2010-06-16)
I am totally pleased. The ascot is very well made and very reasonably priced. Very fast delivery.

Beaman - US
Mr (2010-06-09)
Very quick delivery - pleased with quality

Kester - GB
VP - MVCC (2010-05-12)
Top quality at a fair price. Looks good, too. Delivered quickly. Now - how do you tie the thing?

Banchero - US
RAF Ascot scarf (2010-04-20)
Excellent! Just one question: how do I tie it? If anyone knows how to: please mail me at!

t' Kint - BE
Ascott scarf (2010-03-11)
Very fast delivery. Fantastic item

del Horno - ES
ascot scarf (2010-03-10)
very fast delivery and fantastic scarf. I will be using WPG again!

Andrews - GB
RAF SCARF (2010-02-18)
A good item, even I use when going to work

ascot scarf (2010-02-13)
Very nice item, good quality and incredible with the RAF uniform...thank you

german - ES
UK Ascot scarf (2010-01-29)
Great item and quick delivery. I must say I miss the old days of getting yelled at by Jerry on the phone...ah, the good old days. Thanks!

perfect fast sending (2010-01-27)
perfect fast delivered

roos - NL
Scarf (2010-01-05)
1st rate goods - thank you

May - GB
UK Ascot skarf (2010-01-04)
item very nice / No problem / Real good speed of expedition. Thank you.

Herkenrath - FR
scarf (2009-12-01)
very good quick delivery

Mumby - GB
Sacrf (2009-11-11)
Very nice scarf, fast & reasonably priced delivery - thanks

Urquhart - AU
Excellent Service! (2009-11-03)
Excellent quality, great price, and (most importantly) great service. I ordered this item at the last minute for Halloween. I called Jerry and he got it to me within 2 days.

President (2009-09-23)
Very nice and received very quickly
Giampaolo Lonzar Italy

lonzar - IT
ASCOT SCARF (2009-09-15)
Item arrived to-day, very quick delivery.the item looks good and is of a good quality.However i am not to sure about it being a scarf.Ascot scarf may be the correct title given to this item but in my oppinion it is a combination of a very over sized bow tie and a cravat.A scarf as we british know them it is not.

graham - grahamfordham
Ascot (2009-09-02)
I will return this. I was expecting a neckerchief. I wasn't familiar with the Ascot construction.

Lavely - US
Mr (2009-08-04)
Super fast delivery, and the scarf is great, cant wait to wear it....many thanks

Borsay - GB
Ascot scarf (2009-07-30)
Excellent addition to either RAF battledress or tropical service dress.
More a cravat than a scarf it provides a debonair touch

Parkes - GB
UK Ascot scarf (2009-07-30)
Excellent goods, great price, fast service.

Williams - US
ascot (2009-07-30)
arrived on time excellent quality

houser - US
Nice and as advertised. Very quick delivery.

Abrahamson - DK
UK Ascot scarf (2009-07-07)
super!! nice to work with WPG!!! thanks Jerry

duysters - BE
Ascot Scarf (2009-06-24)
Excellent item! Fantastic service.

Henley - AU
Dr (2009-05-31)
Nice product but I was expecting a scarf rather than a cravat - probably my own fault for not checking the definition of an Ascot scarf.

Fine scarf (2009-05-28)
The ascot goes very nicely together with a shirt. Good reproduction, although the dots could have been done a bit better.

Jørgensen - DENMARK
UK Ascot scarf (2009-05-20)
Excellent item and you can't beat the price.

Kunze - US
UK Ascot Scarf (2009-05-14)
Very good product.

Dick Deziel - CA
a dream (2009-05-09)
All products are perfect. GREAT

cerutti - ITALY
Scarf (2009-05-05)
Amazingly fast delivery. Thanks!

McGregor - US
Ascot (2009-04-30)
Nice article. Exactly as advertised. Very quick delivery.

Diaz - US
Ascot Scarf (2009-04-29)
Looks great. how do I tie it?

Bobka - US
Ascot scarf (2009-04-16)
Excellent quality and reasonable price.

Al - ES
Ascot scarf (2009-04-02)
Excellent product and service, top quality.

Hollies - UK
Ascot Scarfe (2009-04-02)
Very good Quality

Scarf (2009-04-01)
Excellent item especially for a Southern Europe-North-Africa impression.

Petros - Germany
blue ascot (2009-03-26)
excellent product, very fast service.

Russell - CANADA
Ascot Scark (blue with white dots) (2009-03-18)
Not only was I astounded at how quickly my order was despatched and arrived in UK, but I was also mightily impressed with the scarf itself, which exceeded my expectations.

Cooper - UK
Uk Ascot scarf (2009-02-27)
Good quality and looks very good with the RAF battledress. Quick delivery to the UK many thanks.

Richard - UK
excellent (2009-01-09)
Again, fast delivery. Nice ascot.

Cooper - US
Ascot scarf (2009-01-07)
I received my Ascot scarf today, excellent as always, lightning fast delivery, all though FEDEX bungled a bit.
If not, I would have received it a couple day´s
earlier, but it was worth the wait!!

Jonlid - SWEDEN
scarf (2008-12-18)
excelent, and fast delivery

Koziel - US
Ascot! (2008-12-03)
Great item and a good price.

Duckworth - US
Mac, US (2008-10-04)
Very nice reproduction!

McNamara - US
Ascot (2008-05-30)
Very nice indeed goes very well with the RAF kit.

James - Great Britain
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