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Generally good (2013-07-30)
On the whole a nice jacket but the plastic belt buckle lets its down, both in appearance and also because it doesn't stay pulled tight. I would of liked a metal buckle that could be properly fastened.

Taylor - GB
Good quality product, great price! (2013-07-25)
This is a really well-made jacket in the classic military bush-jacket style. I now have two of them, the first one being a gift. I found the first one a bit short though, (I am 5''10") so I ordered a long version, which I think fits me better.

Solidly made and very reasonably priced, with very fast shipping to boot. The only thing I''m not crazy about is the plastic belt buckle, which you just wouldn''t have seen in WWII. I shall endeavor to find a suitable metal one.

Now if only WPG would offer these in jungle green, I would surely order a couple more!

Gary - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
UK bush jacket kahki (2013-07-18)
The fit and quality is excellent but the belt was way too long so I am having it shortened.

Morris - CA
U.K. Belted Bush Jacked (Kahki) (2013-07-16)
Their is a issue with the Company's Security Certificate, preventing internet transactions', but by telephone via customer service, the transaction was excellent, and very friendly and helpful.

The jacket that was ordered, and received, exceeded my expectations, and I am very, very, very pleased. I would have purchased this item years ago, if I knew where to purchased said item.
I repeat, this was an excellent transaction.

Mr (2013-07-15)
Just what I hoped for.

Taylor - US
Uk Belted jacket (2013-07-09)
Beautiful and useful jacket with a nice british look.

Moreau - CA
Bush jacket (2013-06-05)
Very fine, looks great and very authentic

Hunter - HK
Mr (2013-05-29)
Good jacket, true to original design. Buttonholes a bit small.

Quilter - NZ
Gradely (2013-05-19)
I'm pleased

Ciarlante - IT
UK Belted Bush Jacket (2013-05-11)
Great Jacket ! Want to buy another Items fro WPG....

nurtjahjo - ID
UK Belted Bush Jacket (2013-05-08)
Lovely jacket. As others have said, a bit darker than the other two I purchased several years ago, but just as well made and will last a long, long time. Thanks for your wonderful products!

M.D. - Phoenix
Bush Jacket (2013-04-04)
Just received the bush jacket and it is a thing of beauty and it fits great. I can''t wait to add my CBI stuff to it. I think it will look great with my pith helmet. OH and the the shipping....almost too fast!

Don - New Hampshire
Uk Belted Bush Jacket khaki (2013-03-20)
Friendly service and very fast delivery!
A good quality jacket: the size and the quality are alright, only the color is a little bit to glossy. I am satisfied and I will suggest this web site to friends.

de Buhr - DE
Excellent bush jacket (2012-10-04)
The khaki twill is a good weight, and will press up nicely. Fit is good, but I wish it were 2-3" longer as I'm over 6'. It's difficult getting a good fit when you're tall with MIM clothing, but this is pretty close!

Bardie - US
Bush Jacket (2012-09-28)
Very pleased. Very sharp looking jacket!

Connor - Canada
Mr (2012-09-26)
prompt delivery as described

Marsh - GB
Bush Jacket (2012-09-24)
The second one I've ordered. Very nice with the exception that it arrived without belt loops.

Miller - US
mr (2012-09-04)
very fast delivery great quality item apart from plastic buckle which i replaced with a metal one

jackson - GB
Mr (2012-08-26)
Delivery was better than expected....

Dodson - US
Bush Jacket (2012-07-31)
Excellent service and quality!

Burns - AU
Mr. (2012-07-09)
I received the jacket Friday and am very pleased with both the jacket and the great service.

Bull - US
UK Belted Bush jacket (2012-07-08)
The jacket was great and WPG was very friendly. The fast shipping made my head spin! Thanks WPG!

Campbell - US
the jacket (2012-06-27)
with the bombay bloomers and this wonderful jacket i received from you as well--i can now feel like --NEDDY SEAGOON-- of the goon show played of course, by harry seacomb--twice , now i have been pleasantly surprised--my only complaint, and that is a minor one--is that your cap and hats don't fit my rather large head--WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!

Morton - US
the jacket (2012-06-27)
with the bombay bloomers and this wonderful jacet i received from you as well--i can now feel like --NEDDY SEAGOON-- of the goon show played of course, by harry seacomb--twice , now i have been pleasantly surprised--my only complaint, and that is a minor one--is that your cap and hats don't fit my rather large head--WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!

Morton - US
A good jacket (2012-06-25)
Good jacket, solid fabrics, ideal for a safari!

bush jacket (2012-06-17)
Looks great. Got for a jungle theme party. It will work just fine, plus it looks like it will be a nice fall/spring jacket for general wear. very sturdy.

Cunningham - US
Mr (2012-05-31)
Customer service is great, and delivery very good.
Quality and workmanship, outside of too-small button-holes, first-rate, but I had to return the jacket, because I need a light summer one like the internet photo, not dark brown. Also, no fault of the jacket, I'm slight and short for my 38 size, and it was too long, too long sleeves, but good thru chest so a smaller one would not work.

Poor - US
excellent quality jacket (2012-05-20)
Purchased one of these bush jackets recently and will make some comments to help others. I found the cloth and construction to be of top notch construction quality. The belt buckle is cheap plastic and is easily replaced, as others have stated, since there are buttons to attach it. The cloth is heavy and of a medium brown colour like many of the other British stuff sold by WPG, not the tan colour shown in the image. Normally I wear a 42L in men’s suits (such as Brooks Brothers) and therefore I ordered the same size in the bush jacket. I found the fit to be good in general and make the following sizing comments relevant to my 42L jacket. (1) Length is excellent, just right, about 34”. (2) Sleeves are too long, about 2” too long (37” from back of neck over shoulder to cuffs), but should be easy to tailor up. (3) Chest measurement is pretty big, around 26”, but the belt of course helps with this. (4) Shoulders area good fit. (5) Nicely executed back box pleat. For me this jacket fits too big for wear over a single shirt and I could easily wear a sweater underneath and have room left over. I probably won’t order another since I’m not crazy about the colour, but if I did I would be strongly tempted to order down a size, probably a 40L, to take up some of that extra room. Overall, the quality of this garment is excellent and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants a heavy jacket of this type, either for re-enacting or just outdoor wear.

Chris - Canada
Khaki Bush Jacket (2012-05-09)
Excellent buy. Colour a bit more tan than originals.

Williams - AU
KD Bush Jacket (2012-05-06)
I have been a customer for many years and I am generally very satisfied with purchases I have made. WPG has always been easy to work with and
provides a wide range of RAF items unavailable elsewhere.

The 44L KD bush jacket I recently bought duplicates the quality and fit of the first one I purchased several years ago. Service was quick as usual.

I have two complaints regarding the quality of KD items. First, the buttons tend to come loose frequently. This may be due to poor quality thread or quality control.

Second, the button holes on many of the KD items I have purchased are a bit too small for the buttons furnished.

Buttoning and unbuttoning an item can be frustrating and the rough edges of the metal buttons on trousers damage the thread.

Increasing the length of the button holes by 1/8" (3 cm) would help solve the problem.

Kilgore - US
UK Officers' Belted Bush Jacket (2012-04-29)
First, this article arrived SO FAST I was dumbfounded! Amazing!

Second, the quality surpasses my expectations. Superb!

WPG is top notch!

Blasiol - US
UK belted bush jacket (2012-04-23)
Very pleased with quality and service, thanks.

Banks - GB
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2012-04-20)
nice and fast to deal with nice items

Osterwald-Lenum - DK
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2012-04-01)
Excellent product, very good made!! Professional sellers!! Recommended!!

Jacopo - IT
Great Job! (2012-03-25)
It's a great jacket.

Werner - BR
jacket (2012-03-14)
Great material and well made. I love everything except the plastic buckle.

smith - US
UK Belted Bush Jacket (2012-02-28)

Wonderful, thank you (2012-02-06)
For months I needed a size 36 bush jacket for my work. But WPG was out of stock in my size. Mr. Malik helped me get it--he emailed me and let me know the jacket in 36 had arrived. I got a 36 and 38 to see which size I needed, and sent back the 38. Again, WPG was great with the exchange process and I got a second size 36. I have already recommended you to all my friends who need this jacket!

Silverspring - US
Excellent Quality (2012-01-18)
It always astounds me when I receive a package from WPG that such incredible quality, fast shipping and excellent customer service are available for such a small price. This jacket is no exception. As with all their products, this item is simply top-notch and worth 2 or 3 times the price they are asking for it.

harding - US
As always (2011-12-25)
I am love to by items at WPG. It is always the same high standard quality. The jecket could come from a museum, there is no diference to see.

Gladen - DE
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) - REview (2011-10-24)
Summary: excellent quality jacket; a bit large

I bought this jacket as part of a Halloween costume and I am very impressed by the sturdiness and overall quality. It's something I'm going to wear well beyond Oct 31.

The site advises people over 5'10" to buy a long jacket. I am 6' tall and I would advise against this. Unless your arms are exceptionally long, buying the long size will put the sleeves at your thumbs. I'm about a 17/34-35 in a dress shirt and this jacket was too long in the sleeves. Not a problem thought; just took it to the tailor and I'm quite happy.

I also ordered a jacket size one larger than my usual size, concerned that it might be too fitted. this proved to be unfounded concern. I am a 44 in the chest and some suit jackets are snug on me so I get a 46 sometimes. I'd advise not upsizing. The jacket would have been comfortable and not too snug at a 44.

Other commenters are correct. the Khaki color is on the darker side of things. Towards the brownish side -- a bit darker than pictured on the person in the photo.

Overall, very satisfied with the quality. Recommended.

Marshall - US
UK Belted Bush Jackets (Khaki) (2011-10-20)
Good to have the long sleeves. Else the same cut as the green version. Nice summer jacket and together with a slouch hat the people start staring at you...

Brosch - DE
bush jacket (2011-10-13)
As usual Great jacket. None better

Simmons - US
usual quality (2011-09-22)
This is the third KD Bush Jacket I've bought from WPG and it is up to usual high standard. Delivery time was rather slower than before, but otherwise am pleased with my order.

Cameron - GB
Very Nice (2011-09-13)
As advertised and nicely made.

Dommers - US
Mr. (2011-08-29)
Great jacket. Washed several times (including a tiny tad of bleach) and it's perfect.
I bought a size larger to allow for shrinkage from the repeated wash and dry before alterations.
No better game in town when it comes to the quality of workmanship. Very fast delivery, almost as fast as in-state.
I'll continue to buy from WPG.

luder - US
Fast Delivery, Great Fit (2011-08-29)
I received the jacket in only four days. Except for needing the sleeves shortened, the fit was perfect.

Dunning - US
Delivery of Bush Jacket (2011-08-24)
A very good experience....delivered earlier than I had expected and the fit was just as described and recommended. Thanks for good service.

Cranford - CA
bush jacket!! (2011-08-17)
items arrived in good condition AAA+++ !! thanks WPG team!!!

duysters - BE
UK Belted Bush Jackets (2011-08-09)
offer with epaulets, possibly.

Summerville - US
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