Amazing quality, amazing value, amazing service! (2022-12-22)
Once again, my hat is off to Jerry and the stellar team at WPG. I bought my Ike jacket not only for reenactment to wear with my AGSU (the US Army's modern version of pinks & greens). The quality of the wool material and the workmanship are superb. Schellemans noted that the color is slightly off. It is a hair shade darker and on the green side (less brown) than Heritage Green, which is the shade of the AGSU service coat and of the original WWII service coat in my closet. However, when you understand how the Ike jacket came into service in 1944, it is not unreasonable that there would be color variation among manufacturers and runs. I have worn WPG's Ike Jacket as my uniform to a number of high-profile events and have received nothing but compliments.

Black - US
Awesome jacket! (2022-01-18)
Superior quality jacket, one of the nicest I've seen. Not to mention it was shipped very fast. Can't go wrong if you're looking for an Ike jacket.

Paul - United States
Well made Ike Jacket (2021-09-30)
I went to an official event and all were amazed how well the jacket was done. Only one small thing bothered me: the inner lining of the beast pockets is a bit visible because the sewing is not done right. Overall great Jacket

Schulz - DE

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