Very nice (2023-07-22)
The cords look great; like wool or cotton would, with no shine from synthetic materials. A bit long for a size 7. I'd prefer the acorns be mid brim. Don't try to shorten the cord. You'll buy a second one, like this one, like I did. But, the cords long enough to smartly loop along side the keeper and end up in the right spot.

John - US
Great cords (2023-07-02)
They look like the real thing, nice weave, not shiny.
I'd say they're within the range of shades of light blue, which varied from mfgr to mfgr and changed with time and use.
My only beef it that it's impossible to shorten one end of the cord and get it back into the acorn.
WPG might consider varying lengths so the acorns aren't bobbing into the eyes of small guys with small-sized hats.

John - US
Outstanding!!! (2022-05-20)
Very fast and efficent service and great product!!

Thomas   - CA

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