Hi. All (2024-03-08)
Hello Guys, Glad to Join! :)

Darricksof - Ecuador
Great replica (2023-05-05)
Easily one of the best Brodie replicas out there. I did improve it by a few points though: removing the size label (easy to do with a seam ripper), removing the rubber doughnut (unlike what other comments say, this is perfectly accurate and was used from 1917 in British helmets. However it made the helmet sit high on my head and I prefer the variant without it) and dyeing the chinstrap a darker colour, which was a bit difficult due to the odd varnish on the leather. However this is an amazing replica that compares very well to my original and the paint is spot on, you don't need to artificially age it to make it believable.

A. L. - FR
Fast delivery (2023-03-24)
Nice product. Looks good.

Dunigan - US

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