Very Happy (2022-09-12)
Outstanding item. Had only seen originals from a distance so was surprised at how small it was. But very pleased and glad that I finally took the plunge to get one. Would (and have already) recommend to others.

Great job!

Bruce - US
1872 meat can (2021-09-30)
Really pleased. I've only seen 2 and they were in sad shape. I'm surprised at the thickness of the metal and the finish. Very happy with it.
Now all I need is an 1872 haversack to put it in.
Do you still stock them or have you discontinued them?
Thank you for making a very rare item.
Sincerely, R.J.Gray

Gray - US
1872 meat can and haversack (2021-08-23)
will go well with my collection .thank you

maycroft - US

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