Good value (2021-06-17)
The boots arrived in less than a week which is pretty good for anything shipped to Alaska. I compared them side-by-side with an original pair in my collection and I was pretty impressed.

I usually wear a size 10, I ordered a size 10, and they fit like a size 10. They're made of good leather comparable in quality to the originals. The height and proportions are correct compared to the originals. The laces are almost indistinguishable from the originals. Major points for overall quality and accuracy. My son has the officer's version and their leather came with a sort of plastic-y finish but I didn't notice that on these.

I have a few admittedly minor quibbles, certainly nothing which would cause me not to recommend them, especially at the price. The stitching has a sort of "orangish" color to it which is easily seen. The holes in the straps were so small that I could hardly force the tongue of the buckles into them and I used a leather punch to re-punch all of them slightly larger. The original has a metal stiffener about 1/2" wide at the leading edge of the flap to reinforce and make it stay stay straight. The insert on the repros is about 2" wide and lies more over the front of the shin. I bent it lengthwise slightly to make it follow the contour of my leg and the fit improved. I broke them in by doing yard work in them and in a couple of hours they were quite comfortable.

I didn't give them five stars because compared to the originals they aren't perfect but nevertheless I heartily recommend them. I don't think you'll find better boots at the price, either for reenactment or for riding.

Kelton - United States
Great replica boot (2021-05-06)
I portray Col. Oscar Koch, who was the Third Army G-2 in WWII. Koch was a cavalry officer and most photos of him that show his feet and legs show him wearing the Officer's Cavalry boots and Breeches. I picked up a pair of these. I wear a 9-1/2 wide so I picked up a 10. The fit was a little snug around the foot width wise but satisfactory length wise. The uppers barely fit around my calves but again, was acceptable (the upper buckle was on the last hole, the others were one or two holes tighter). Overall a good boot. I applied a single later of brown kiwi polish and the boot took up a nice, russet brown color. The boot will only look better as I apply more layers of polish.

Coulter - US
Great boots for reenacting! (2020-05-26)
Got these boots. Very well made and am highly impressed

Stinson - US

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