Wow!! (2024-01-02)
I was a little nervous when the package arrived... what would actually be in the box for the exceptional price of this B-3? It would be an understatement to say I was blown away with what I received! This jacket is amazing! Great feel, beautiful leather, and fits great! I am incredibly happy that I finally pulled the trigger on this one!

Michael - US
Excellent Jacket (2023-06-26)
This I bought after getting my WPG Irvin which is the Best Buy out there £ for £
My B3 did not disappoint Wajed was great start to finish helping me out with sizes
The jacket sheepskin is superb! How these jackets at a quarter of others out there are not sold out beats me !
Thank Sharjah team keep up the great work
Kevin Miller
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Kevin - Tyne &Wear UK
Fantastic quality and value (2022-01-17)
This jacket is really well made and virtually impossible to destinguish from an original. At 5 times cheaper than other replicas it's brilliant. Also totally wearable even when not at 30 thousand feet. Super fast shipping internationally as usual Al in all. A+++

Aran - UK

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