RAF Ascot (2022-03-14)
Nice quality--really classes up a safari jacket. And, as usual, to notch service and fast delivery from WPG.

Dunn - US
Spiffy (2021-08-15)
Nice, comfortable and sharp looking! Thanks again!

Stone - CA
Tally ho and all that jazz (2021-08-06)
I was expecting a scarf but was pleasantly surprised by the cravat. It is rather stiff and synthetic feeling, however this enables it to sit stiff and does not lose it shape. This actually makes it rather comfortable around the neck, even the stubble of ones new beard does not catch on it causing pulling on the hairs. This makes it comfortable to wear all day, in all environments and adds that casual style to ones uniform. A nice touch for off duty reenacting.

Graham - AU

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