Mostly pleased (2022-12-28)
First, sizing. I've ordered several KD pants/shorts but I always read reviews where sizing is noted. What this means is that sometimes I order up one and sometimes order "true" (WPG recommended) sizes and this generally works out. For the bloomers I ordered "true" but should have ordered one size up. Just a tad snug but then again I have my winter weight on so come summer and I these few pounds, they should be fine. I will not be washing these in warm water though!
Next quality. Generally very well made but the middle of the right front pocket got sewn to the inseam so I could not get my hand in. Had to cut the stitching and re-sew. The stitching was quite heavy and as a result, the pocket itself was cut while un-stitching and I had to repair that as well. This was why I knocked it down to 4 stars. Everything else was good, including the button holes which were not undersized!
Overall, happy enough with these that I would still recommend them if one asked me.

William - Virginia USA
Versatile garmi (2022-05-24)
Super fast delivery and awsome quality and fit. True to the originals. If you don't want the extra high-water bell-botom look when you roll them down, just sew an extra button on the hem of each leg to put into one of the hem button holes and you can taper the legs for a different configuration when the legs are unrolled. I'll be ordering another pair. Perfect for a high desert summer! (hot during the day and cold at night)

Medrick - US
I like 'em. (2021-06-19)
I'm a 36 and that size was too small. I swapped out and ended up with 42's as that was all that was left. I anticipated cutting them down to resize as I sew for a hobby. Well, they fit. Don't ask me how. It seems to be missing one belt loop. No biggie I'm shortening them and will scavenge some material and add it.

lesieur - US

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