Binocular straps (2014-10-02)
Great strap and fits fine. Stronger a more pliable than the originals. Completes my binoculars and ready for the next reenactment. Thanks Jerry!

Collantes - US
No complaints (2014-09-20)
I recently found a Bausch and Lomb mfg. 8x30 example from WW2 that needed a strap; this one is perfect.

Camp - US
an exact copy of the original (2014-08-25)
I have an original pair of Bushnell binoculars purchased by my Grandfather when they were still made in South Pasadena, California. Although he was a WWI veteran (USMC lieutenant), he used them for birdwatching, not combat. The strap attached to the binoculars was the original one and was rotten in several places, but I didn't have the heart to remove it and never dreamed I could find a replacement, but the strap I received from WPG
was an exact replica and fit the fasteners on the binoculars perfectly. Thanks to WPG my relic binos are in A-1 order again!

Burhenn - US

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