Completely Excellent! (2007-09-06)
I don''t often wear Class A''s when I reenact, I normally wear a flight suit, but when the time came that I needed a dress uniform, I wanted an Ike jacket. Several manufaturers make them, and most are quite nice, but this one captures the look of a 1943 or early 1944 private purchase jacket BEAUTIFULLY. The lining matches those I''ve been able to examine in museums, or have seen in surplus shops. The fit is quite good, and although a little tailoring wouldn''t harm it (most officers'' uniforms were tailored), it really doesn''t need it. The color is a good shade of OD 51, and the gorge at the neck is small enough to cover how short the ties were in those days. All told, this item is a good reproduction, and the price was definitely right. I''m glad I bought mine.

Shannon - Nebraska

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