Compass pouch (2020-12-07)
This lovely pouch may be WPG's finest offering to date. I own three compasses, one of which is a Verner Pattern marching compass dated 1916. The WPG compass pouch fits the compass perfectly. While it appears rather crude upon opening the delivery packaging, all of that changes with a bit of oil and leather dye. It is exact, inside and out—right down to the stitching. The only thing missing is the dry rot that usually accompanies 100+ year old leather.

Texas, USA - Texas
FIne Compass Pouch (2020-11-25)
I requested WPG to make this case after a long and unsuccessful search for an original. This is very nicely made, and sized to provide a snug fit for a Verner's Pattern compass that will form fit over time. Mine is a Mk VIII and sits perfectly in the pouch. Stitching, velvet lining, and finish are excellent.

This provides excellent protection and carriage for a compass that is becoming more valuable and sought after. Thanks WPG for putting this together.

John - United States

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