5 (2010-03-22)
As expected. Great helmet.

Watts - US
British Brodie Pattern Helmets (2010-03-20)
nice repro. appreciate the patience finding one that fits

Metheny - US
Excellent (2010-03-19)
Sits a little high on the head, but I guess my old original helmet had a broken liner, so i am used to it sitting that way. The cover is a bit awkward, can't get it to fit my helmet right at all (looks all poofy in some parts and slips off the rim in others) but I prefer it "au natural" anyway. As mentioned, for a First World War helmet, can't be beat. (and no-one will really see the liner anyway, as long as it fits right the material really isn't important IMHO)

Robert Palfrey - US

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