Excellent Leggings (2014-02-11)
Bought a pair of these leggings several years ago, and have used them through numerous events, including several beach landings. They are the perfect "Golden" color for Marine Corps gear, and work well for my WWII and Korean War USMC impressions. A well made product, and true to the originals!

Charlie - TN
USMC Leggings (2013-12-13)
As usual great quality product

Leon - Victoria, Australia
USMC Leggings (2013-10-20)
I put these in the washing machine with about two cups of bleach (on small load setting) and COLD water. I timed the wash cycle for NO MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES and pulled them out real fast. I got them into a bucket of clean water to stop the bleaching. They turned out exactly like the originals! The bulk of the fabric was a light gold color. The webbing, however, turned to a peach color. This is the best that can be done, unless you want to bleach them white, and start over. I did that with the cotton khakis. I was able to get them to the correct shade of OD by mixing RIT Dark Brown and Dark Green for about fifteen minutes on hot. Warning - HAVE PLENTY OF BLEACH ON HAND- RIT WILL STAIN YOUR PORCELAIN. Good Luck!

Steven - California

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