1906 Olive Drab Bedding Blanket (2018-02-19)
This is another item that adds "class" to your impression. If your going to go, go all the way. I spent a pretty penny getting custom tailored uniforms from Schipperfabrik. I built my own Brodie Helmet. I refinished the stock and re-blued the receiver on my M1903 Springfield Rifle. After all of that, why would I "blow it" by using a WWII O.D. hospital blanket with my M1910 khaki shelter half?

Speer - US
Bed blanket-finally! (2018-02-06)
This blanket arrived just in time. We are having a very cold winter here in No. Ariz, and this blanket
Paid for itself in the first week! Along with the saddle/bed blanket, yes the bed blanket also served as a bed blanket in the field.
Thanks Jerry it was well worth waiting for.

-Irish Mick. Ariz.

Montgomery - US
M1906 Bedding Blanket (2011-01-08)
Nice heavy weight, good color, great repro. Looks like it will be very warm. Perfect addition my display.

Chris - Springfield, IL

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