Good quality (2019-06-24)
These are historically accurate, make great pants for white water rafting or desert hiking, go from buttoned long shorts, to roll up shorter shorts, to loose sailor like pants so you don't get sunburned quickly. I ordered a 38 and after laundering, they fit my 36-inch natural waist perfectly.

Gunny - US
Finally Back In Stock! (2019-06-23)
The best repro BomBay Bloomers on the market! They fit well and are made correctly! While they were out of stock I ordered some from a place in India that just weren't right. They fit awfully, especially in the stride. I lucked out and found a used WPG pair on eBay. When I saw they were back in stock I ordered two more pairs. The fit is fabulous, and they are made in the correct style!

Craig - US
Perfect for the tropics (2019-04-20)
I wear these every day to work because they're just so comfortable. They're perfect for Hong Kong too; it's frigid on the metro or bus, then melting hot when you step outside to walk the rest of the way to work.


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