WWII USMC Leggings (2010-10-24)
I have read some of the comments. It looks like some people actually got Army leggings, but are still happy with them? Also, these have a repro tag and are NOT original issue. I can't believe how simple some people are! Anyway, they look O.K.. A tad too much orange in them I think. The originals were a light gold. The only complaint that I have is that the lacings are not nearly as rugged as your Army lacings. I may have to switch them.

Speer - US
USMC Leggings (2010-05-12)
They fit, look perfect and are, from the tags, original USMC issue. Outstanding!

Chenaur - US
USMC leggings (2010-04-22)
Another quality product, really fast delivery as usual!!

Hardy - GB

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